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  1. Noah


    Really nice layout, great guide 😀
  2. Looks like a good start! would definitely use some bold/color to make it easier for newer players to understand.
  3. Great job, very well done! 👍
  4. Noah

    Help Me Please

    You might need to change settings in your windows settings.
  5. Noah


    Updated your account.
  6. Noah

    larran's keys

    you can get those items from larrens keys 🙂 If you go to the quest tab>coin tab> loot tables or type ::mbox you can find larrens keys and see the possible loot!
  7. Noah

    Slayer tower

    I'll look into this, thank you for the report
  8. Noah

    Hello there!

    hope to see you around more! 😄
  9. LEARN HOW TO DOUBLE YOUR CHANCES BY READING THE "2. HOW DOES IT WORK" SECTION! CONTENTS-1.CALENDAR- -2.HOW DOES IT WORK?--3.RULES- -4.CHALLENGE LIST AND DETAILS- HOW DOES IT WORK? PRIZE OPTIONS: 20m OSRS GP or $10 SCROLL Xeros will be giving away a total of 620m OSRS GP! In this giveaway you have a chance to win EVERY SINGLE DAY as long as you have completed the challenge for that day. For example: Day 4 says to complete 15 Hard slayer assignments, meaning, all you have to do for that day is 15 hard assignments and you will be added to the list of names eligible to receive the reward for that day! Want to know how many people have already entered for that day? All you have to do is talk to a NPC in Edgeville or use the command ::cal who will bring up an interface which will show you some info about the contest: who has already entered, who was the last winner, what the challenge for that day is, and your progress for that day. If you are a lucky winner you will have the option of choosing 20m OSRS or a $10 scroll. REMEMBER!!!! If you complete a challenge you can get double entries by simply voting anytime that same day either before or after your challenge is finished! RULES 1. Only 1 MAC/IP Address is eligible to enter each day but a player can win multiple challenges. 2. The winner has the option of choosing between 20m OSRS gp or a $10 donator scroll and can only be claimed by the user who won. 3. If a challenge is abused by a significant amount of players, meaning players have figured out ways to gain an unfair advantage (this will be decided by Michael and I), we will cancel the challenge for that day and no winner will be chosen for that day. 4. All Xeros rules apply and if you are found breaking any you will be blacklisted from entering the contest. (After the month you will be taken off the black list allowing you to participate in future events.) 5. Prizes will be given out to winners within roughly 3 days or less. 6. Additional Rules may be added at any time during the contest.
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