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  1. YIIPPEEEE! Thanks for re-using my "model" and gj 🙂
  2. I got a streak just now so I suppose I have done something incorrect. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  3. Pretty sure I've done this, since I did a 10 streak before it. Can you check anywhere if I claimed correctly? @Noah
  4. I have, since my streak reset, had no progress even though I've been voting 3 times the last 2-3days and the streak is at 1. Is is bugged? I heard someone else said they had issues with vpanel. Is there any way to check what time I voted so I can see if I'm doing something wrong or if it's just not working? Thanks, Boca
  5. I think Thieving is a dead skill. Much clicking and low reward(Yes I know you gain some cash), so I've thought about ways to make it a bit more interesting to train. 1. Add more stalls for thieving from lv. 65-90, the only other ways are pickpockets and that's not a fair increase in XP anyways. 2. Increase XP generally in stall and pickpockets or increase extra XP when wearing Rogue pieces. 3. Increase the chance of Ammo mould drop from Drunken cannoneer. Most people just buy cannon balls since it's hard to obtain. I know it's a good item, but right now the only thing the obtainable method seems to do, is "grant" a bit of extra XP compared to stalls. 4. Widen the possible loot from Drunken cannoneer & Master farmer: - Drunken cannoneer - remove the crap loot(seaweed, cod and beer), add other bars/ores, add cannonballs, add cannon parts(1/10k+ drop), increase gold. - Master farmer - add herbs(could be noted and multiple amounts) 5. Add Gnomes and Elfs for pickpocketing as suggested by others. 6. Add chests for pickpocketing(could be gems, seeds, runes or whatever) - could be an alternative to pickpockets and XP could be lowered since it doesn't move. 7. Add a Master skiller NPC, to thieve logs, fish, essence and other skilling related supplies. Could also add Rune and Dragon harpoon/axe/pickaxe at a higher rate. 8. Add the Rogue gear as a drop, same as the other skills have a chance at gear drops With these(or some of these) suggestions I believe it would make thieving a more fun skill and contribute to the skilling community.
  6. Also the 3rd age weapons aren't in the collection log - did you add the 3rd age bow? 🙂
  7. Gj guys 🙂 Not a fan of the new daily rewards. Was getting boxes today but that's gone now, bet someone else pissed about this.... But I get it - can't keep everyone happy. Same thing happened when you introduced the Panel, that was a big loss for some people too. 😞
  8. nice ones, but I disagree with the Zamorak boss being too strong. Compared to the rest of the GWD its strong, but that's just because the others are easy as fuck. Its a boss - should be hard to do
  9. Very nice update!! When are you fixing the spirit tree for Western Diary? @noah
  10. Crazy good job Noah and Michael!
  11. Boca

    Foe Items

    Thanks will!! This is much needed.
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