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  1. Heya, I would love to see the following things being added to the forums: Catagories • Sub-Catagories for Guides. (Skilling / Pvming / Miscellaneous) • Goals & Achievements • Sub-Catagory for Introductions (Farewells) • Sub-Catagory for reports (Report a player, Report a staff member) • Knowledge base • Buy and Sell. Change to 'Market' and create two sub -catagories, Buy - Sell. • Off-Topic section for memes, off-topic discussion etc. Plugins • Group Legend • Discord intergration Miscellaneous • Custom userbars for Xeros
  2. Heya Xeros players. I'm Joop, 23 years old and I live in the Netherlands. Apart from gaming, I love to spend time chilling, swiming and drinking with my buddies. I've been a part of the rsps community for almost 9 years now. In these 8 years I've had the chance to work with some servers, whilst playing and enjoying them. I've played many servers so people might remember me as:' Krypto, Azuline, Lily, Ekotan, Nacyto and Echey '. If you do remember one of these names, feel free to hmu in-game for a friendly chat. Even though I've met many of you already, I'd love to meet you all. 🙂 See ya in-game!
  3. Great benefits, not overpowered and on point.
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