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  1. Looks Great! Number 2 shows you need to get 2 Hespori Kills but the information under is about Pest Control.
  2. That week really helped me mentally πŸ˜›
  3. Gotta say this was a grind and a half; doubted myself to be honest couldn't handle the amount of clicking but persistence paid off and here we are: THANKS FOR ALL THE KIND WORDS AND SUPPORT GUYS!
  4. I love it! Can’t wait to give it a try 😊
  5. Hi Guys, I haven't been around that long but I have to say I really enjoyed my time while playing Xeros. I've met and spoken to so many people that made the experience so much better. I have to say if I was to ever come back to RSPS this would be the place to go but for now i'm out. If I hadn't met you and you see this or you're new; make sure to stick around and play this amazing server. The boys (Michael & Noah) are doing such a great job. Alright guys, take care and enjoy. A Log Burner P.S. I'll get that Phoenix Pet one day.
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