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    Xeros Price Guide

    Okay i can see why you would base the price of the row (i) similarly to how vote points are 1m ea because scroll is ~375m-400mish. But in the voting shop the wealth scroll is the only real account-building worth while purchase where as the FoE shop has multiple different worth while purchases apart from the wealth scroll so that's why I think it should be higher. also, I think the price of dragon darts should be increased, i think in a perfect world the prices listed here would be accurate but there is just really no efficient way to farm ddarts, so i think until there is a better way their price should be based on their rarity. These are both just suggestions and my 2 cents! you've done a wonderful job with the guide! I know everyone really appreciates you!
  2. plsnoim4

    Xeros Price Guide

    With the prices of most pets being reduced I think FoE points should range from 6-8k per point.
  3. would it be possible to get a full list of FoE-able items? otherwise great work!
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