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  1. Wintertodt, Tempress, motherloade mine Cooking gloves maybe a skill point system? rewards would be skilling cosmetics and supply boxes?
  2. Skilling outfits and requirements Mining Prospector: Achievement Mining 3 for full set mine 5,000 rocks Fastest way is pure ess mining. Fishing Angler: Achievement fishing 3 for full set Fish 5,000 fish Fastest way is to afk in fally park pond with small fishing net. Woodcutting lumberjack Achievement woodcutting 3 for full set Cut 5,000 trees Firemaking Pyromancer Achievement firemaking 3 for full set Light 5,000 logs Farming Farmer's out fit Achievement Farming 3 for full set Harvest 5,000 crops Plant at all spots to quickly get the outfit. Thieving Rogue Achievement Thieving 3 for full set Steal 3,000 times Agility Graceful No achievement needed Do rooftop agility till you receive 260 marks of grace thanks for viewing it!!
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