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  1. This money making guide was created for new players wanting to earn some quick starting money There are a few ways to earn ur first money on Xeros 1. Vote (Yes, everyone is spamming vote in the chat, but it actually is a good way to make some starting money to buy gear upgrades in the start. To vote, all you really have to do is type ::vote in-game, once on the site, type in your in-game name, and press "continue", you will now be directed to a new window with 2 different voting sites. Runelocus, and rsps-list. Vote on both sites and then go back to you'r client. Now you type ::voted in-game to claim ur goodies. 2. Thieving Thieving is also a great way of making a quick buck early. Simply go south of ::home and start stealing from the stalls. Once you have a full inventory of stolen goods, you sell it to "Sigmund The Merchant" located just beside the stalls 3. Barrows Barrows is an amazing early money making for beginners. On Xeros you dont have to complete runs in order to get the drops. simply teleport to the barrows location using ::barrows and choose wich NPC you want to kill. I would suggest killing Karil to start of with, just make sure to train a bit of prayer before taking on these NPC's since they hit pretty hard when not praying. Karil is ranged and drops the karil set: Karil's Crossbow Karil's Coif Karil's leathertop Karil's leather skirt Amulet of the damned Karil's armor pieces drops at a rate of 1/40, and the amulet is 1/300. All pieces can either be burned in the Fire of Exchange for FoE points. Or sold directly to the general store located at ::home for around 200k/piece FoE is a great option if recieving duplicates of items from the barrows brother's. since you can sell the FoE Points for in-game cash. 10k Foe points is around 20-25m GP The choice is yours to make. Why you should choose karil over the other barrow's brothers are just my prefered option, since I after recieving the full set. Would go kill zulrah. This is just a quick and brief guide in how to make som good early cash. I hope this help's a few newcomers out. A more detailed guide will be coming up very soon.
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