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  1. Never look down on anybody.. unless you're helping them up!

  2. Welcome to Xeros! I too played Silab (With Brittany & Gir).. Wonder what they're up to nowadays
  3. No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

  4. Welcome to Xeros! Yeah, I'd say you're probably the only NFL player.. I'd say I'm one of the few Truck Driver's playing RSPS's 😄 My 12th year playing RSPS's, never get bored of them. Feel free to share which team? #NoShame
  5. These monthly giveaways are so awesome! Thank you
  6. Username & Passwords registered on Xeros.io (Forums) are not the same as your Username & Password in-game, they're not linked and completely separate. Create your Username & Password when you're at the log in screen for the Client
  7. Decent update I appreciate the Future of Xeros segment, looking forward to the next update!
  8. -Wayne


    Hello Xeros, Wayne here! I'd like to share a little about Me and my RSPS/RS history Me; I'm from the United States, Texas being where I grew up mostly. I'm a Truck Driver, I travel 48 states OTR (Over the road) - Started trucking around 3 years ago I live OTR 4-5 months at a time, I like to stop by Florida & Texas to visit the fam every now and then Single/Childless & Collecting paychecks till I retire from the trucking industry :') *Love my job My identical twin brother @Tom឵ introduced me to Xeros, big Thanks to him.. Loving this server so far I work 70+hrs/week, I wish I could play as much as I used to but that's just how it is nowadays for me RSPS/RS; Started my RS journey real early in RS around 2001-02 *Still log into my OG acc every now and then* Jumped on RSPS's around late 2009 (I'd mention the discontinued servers I enjoyed playing, but it may be frowned upon) After joining my first RSPS late 09'.. I quit RuneScape entirely and moved on to love and appreciate RSPS's for what they were I learned everything about OldSchool RS content through RSPS's, never joined the OldSchool launch in 2013.. wish I did I have a passion for creating Topics (Suggestions, Guides, Helpful posts) on RSPS forums.. It's unfortunate that RSPS forums don't get as much love as they used to. They're pretty much dead content nowadays, but I like to keep working & posting on them as much as I can. Honest truth.. I wish I spent the extra time learning to code RSPS's ages ago, I'm sure Me and my Brother would have created something fantastic Well, I can't wait to keep grinding this awesome server. Day 1 has been a wonderful experience thus far, I don't often spend around 8 hours on my first day grinding.. Xeros is quite unique and enjoyable! See you all in-game
  9. Requesting rank: Onyx Proof:
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