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  1. Gilbert

    Xeros Price Guide

    i think it should be lower than 4k, because 100k = row i (400m) and even row i is dropping in price
  2. From quiting to returning to burning more logs, you finally got it!
  3. Chaos Fanatic Guide Requirements: 37+ Prayer 70+ Ranged Inventory: 4-8 Prayer Potions 4 Saradomin Brews 10+ Food Looting Bag How to Safe spot: 1. Walk to the South of Chaos fanatic (Compass is looking to the north) 2. Search for the Skeletons laying on de floor on the hill. 3. Attach the Chaos Fanatic and run back past the skeletons (As shown on the picture) 4. Chaos Fanatic will attack you when running, so use protect from Mage. 5. When your standing on the spot with the cross, you're safe and the Fanatic will run back to its spawn point. 6. Repeat this untill you kill him. Done & Goodluck
  4. Gilbert

    Vorkath Boss Guide

    Vorkath Boss Guide Vorkath is a dragon type boss, he drops the Vorkath head which is needed to make the following items: Ava Assembler Blue Slayer Helmet Requirements 90+ Ranged 69+ Herblore (Iron man) Equipment: Rune Crossbow or Better Full Void Range Glory or Better Ring of Wealth (Preferred) Anti-dragonfire shield (or Dragonfire shield) Inventory: 1x Super Anti-Fire 1x Ranging Potion 1x Prayer Potion. Full Inventory Food The Fight: 1. Use protect from Magic and wake vorkath up. 2. Sip a dose of Anti-Fire potion and ranging potion. 3. Now its just kill it and repeat. TIPS: Dragon Hunter Crossbow can hitt up to 83. Vorkath drops a head on 50 KC. Use Overloads and Saradomin brews to stay longer.
  5. Gilbert

    5x Contest

    At the Contest-submission in discord their are posts with who claimed a challenge and the current state.
  6. Gilbert

    Hey Guys!

    Welcome Saradomin Brew!
  7. Gilbert

    Xeros Price Guide

    Blade of Sealdor is not in the list, also the crystal items and corrupt items.
  8. Nice guide and a nice way for skillers to do an extra.
  9. wait ur right, their is only the arma boots and not the the rest of the hides
  10. Armadyl D'hide is already ingame however the rest looks nice to
  11. You might need this: https://www.oracle.com/java/technologies/javase-jdk14-downloads.html Download the Mac OsInstaller and run it. Also make sure you run the latest Java version as explained above. i dont have an iOS system, but try removing Java and re-install it, restart the Mac to see if this works.
  12. Hello Players, If you have issues with client loading or freezing clients you need to install JDK13+ on your computer. How: Option 1: Installer 1. Go to https://www.oracle.com/java/technologies/javase-jdk14-downloads.html and download the Java JDK installer (Windows version) 2. Once the download is completed, click on it to install it. 3. Just keep Clicking next untill the installation is completed. Then restart your computer. Well done, Java JDK is installed on your computer. Option 2: Manually 1. Go to https://jdk.java.net/archive/ and download the latest JDK for your system! 2. When the JDK file is downloaded go on your computer to this location: C:\Program Files\ 3. Create a new folder called "JAVA" in here you place the JDK folder that you downloaded (must be extracted) 4. Go to your computer system properties: This PC --> Right Click --> Properties --> Change Settings (Shown below) 5. Go to the Advanced Option and open Environment Variables 6. Create New under System Variables. 7. Add the following: C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-14\bin (JDK-14 is your JDK version) 8. When this is done, click everything on OK and close your browsers. 9. Check your version: Open CMD and typ: Java -Version If you have a different Java installed like me, you see a different version. Well done, you have installed your Java JDK14. If you need any help please let me or the support know.
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