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  1. The universe has a beginning, but no end. — Infinity. Stars, too, have their own beginnings, but their own power results in their destruction. — Finite.

  2. +1 Considering the fact there's Amethyst Arrows. I'm in the same boat. I either have a ton of darts, or none, due to this.
  3. You're welcome. Feel free to PM me in-game (mandelbrot) anytime. I am usually logged AFK at work, but am happy to help if I can. Have a nice day,
  4. I applaud your dedication. There's no way I could do this. I have the attention span and patience of a noodle.
  5. Hello, What worked for me, and for a lot of other people, was to completely delete Xeros from the computer and re download it. Some people needed to actually delete the folder as well as the client. If that doesn't work, I know Noah and others were trying to helping people on Discord. Hope that helps,
  6. Requesting rank: Sapphire Proof:
  7. rip zyzz... I like the daily skilling incentive. As a rogue I am real reluctant to even skill unless it's bonus XP weekend. This would at least interest me to skill during the week. You could probably do a weekly rewards or daily-streak rewards, too. I think another good banking option would be to left-click certain quantities like in OSRS. This would just save a few clicks when restocking, banking, etc. Can't really add anything to the other suggestions apart from the fact I think they'd all be useful.
  8. Good luck with your streams. Subbed.
  9. Hello, I haven't written an introduction in a long time, but this server has got me interested in playing OSRS again, and that's kind of exciting-- I didn't really expect to play again. My name's Josh, and I've been playing RS/RSPS servers since about 06' (the Mopar days were simpler.) I'm from FL, USA, and am currently working on getting a Computer Science degree. The server has been fun so far, and I hope to get acquainted with y'all. My IGN is the same as my forum name, mandelbrot. I am usually playing at work, so it's hard for me to be super social during the day, but feel free to say hi. Hope to meet you soon,
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