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  1. Are any of these challenges still available?
  2. Brew

    Hespori Skilling Boss Guide

    It's a great new event! But it should be known that you only need to be active in the hespori fight to get a reward chance. I did it without actually making any burning runes and still got a reward key. Is this a bug planning on being fixed?
  3. Hey all! I've been asked a few times how to change the color and shading of your yell messages, and it's actually quite simple: The color is chosen by a code that you can generate here: https://www.mathsisfun.com/hexadecimal-decimal-colors.html As you can see, I have pointed out the code you want to use. It coincides with the background color displayed behind it. Next you want to type that code into your yell message. To do this, use the following format: ::yell <f><col="YOUR COLOR CODE HERE">YOUR MESSAGE HERE You will see your message is now the chosen color! But what if you want it to pop off the background a bit? For this, we will add a second code after our color code. Note: you will need a second color that is different than your color code for this to be effective. Your first code will be the same, but we will add the <shad="NEW COLOR CODE HERE"> to the message to get this: ::yell <f><col="FIRST COLOR HERE"><shad="SECOND COLOR HERE"> MESSAGE Our finished product should look something like this: ::yell <f><col=8997510><shad=8194694>TEST I hope this little guide helped!
  4. Brew

    Hey Guys!

    Hey everyone! Brew here Haven't played RSPS's in a couple of years, as I've focused on OSRS for the past few. Kind of burnt from grinding OSRS, and wanted to play something more relaxing. This server looked very unique to me and so far I've been enjoying the ironman life on it 🙂 Hopefully I will see you all in-game! Thanks for reading 😛 Brew (Derek)
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