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  1. https://download.xeros.io/ Just click that download and play 🙂
  2. I didn’t know onyx only had these few benefits for a 1k rank it should defo have lots more benefits. I personally like the boost at the sell anything shop! Good ideas!
  3. eskimo


    Hey everyone! My name is Callum and my ign is Eskimo, I’ve played rsps for over 11 years and still love em to this day (otherwise I wouldn’t be here!!!) found Xeros a few weeks ago on runelocus and have been hooked every since! I love to pvm especially raiding atm chasing that impossible tbow!!!! If you wanna talk or play some time hit me up!!!
  4. Blowpipe is for sure one of the most important things for iron men, you just gotta grind it out and zulrah is easy enough to beat.
  5. Nice to see new content creators on xeros! Shame I couldn’t tune in at the time but keep going bro!!
  6. if you want help with this you should dm Noah or Michael on the forums mate.
  7. thats what im thinking bro, things change get harder etc doesn't mean everyone should be punished
  8. dont really think its meant in a bad way man, just the community having a bit of fun 😛 the announcements are one of the main ways the community is brought together imo
  9. Loving all the Ironman content we’ve been getting from the community! This was something fun for me to watch whilst on the way to work!
  10. Dm Michael or Noah on discord with this
  11. Server only rereleased it wouldn’t go down well to reset everyone again
  12. This! Didn’t even know this wasn’t already an option
  13. I agree with most of this, but what do you mean by “remove cox kills to reduce yell spamming”
  14. I really like this post, one of the big issues for the longevity of xeros imo is gonna be if we can’t make the bosses harder for the more hardcore pvmers, would love a raids rework
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