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  1. Below I have compiled a list of what I believe (And I think a majority will agree) are some of the most important fixes/suggestions that need to be implemented ASAP to improve consistency for the majority of the player base. Note that these are in no particular order. - URL links doesn't work on macOS (Failed to open URL) - Fix the Ruby bolt (e) spec. Such a fundamental part of RSPS bossing (particularly for ironmen who require soloing). The special attack DOES NOT take 1/4th the NPC's HP away as it should. - Fix the Onyx bolt (e) spec. The special attack DOES NOT heal the player for 25% of the damage dealt, however it DOES deal 20% extra damage as it should. (These bolts are 15k each and don't work.) - Fix the Manta Ray drop from Armadyl minions. They shouldn't be noted and this is shortening trip length quite a bit as you have to chomp on more brews. - Fix the 6 Grimy Snapdragon drop from Kraken boss. These should be noted and players are leaving upwards of 30 potential Super Restore potions on the ground per task. ( RIP Ironmen 😞 ) - Add the Amulet of Avarice to Revenants. Keeps you skulled and notes all the drops. - Add a source of burnt pages for Ironmen. (I recommend Elder Chaos Druids + PvM points (also tome of fire, 1/2000 from Elder Chaos Druids) (Someone noted pages only add 1 charge per page. This should be 20.) - Nerf Zamorak GWD minions. Ridiculously accurate + strong currently. - Add Ecumenical Keys to wilderness slayer on the global drop table, similar to the Archaic Emblem. - Add more hellhounds to the catacombs. There are currently 6, but their pathing is really strange and they lose aggro when you move a tile or two away. - Thammaron's sceptre CAN NOT auto-cast any magic as it is not considered a staff. This needs fixed considering it's rarity. - Ironmen can't buy broad bolts from ranged store. This makes turoth/kurask tasks a nightmare. - Anti-venom is buggy (doesn't work correctly unless you're already venomed) - Lizardman shaman minions don't deal damage. I'll add more suggestions/fixes as I go along. If they're below this text, I deem them not-so-important. Above the text, pretty important. - Add a message to the Revenants Cave upon teleporting in, informing players that being skulled increases their drop rate of Revenant weaponry (show %). (If that actually exists on here - I was informed it does.)
  2. The 3a weaponry is very important to me particularly when it comes to clue scrolls. It's like the "master statement" when it comes to clue scrolls, like "hey everybody, look at me". I'd rather that than knowing it came from a donator's mystery box which seems very pettish and money-grabbing..
  3. I really like this list! A lot of the featured content would be very engaging - especially the additional world events.
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