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  1. Oh, thank you, Noah! I hope they aren't too much trouble to add 🙂
  2. Thank you for the comments, guys! 🙂 I alos hope some of these get implemented! Cheers! 🙂
  3. Hey, I've been playing for around a week now and these are the things I'd love to see added : Skilling Skilling Group Events : Evil Trees : These spawn at 5 different locations and have a random tier each time from Oak - Elder trees, each requiring a different Woodcutting level and each giving different rewards after cutting them down Shooting Stars : Much like Evil Trees , these appear at a different location each time and require a different Mining level. Skill Cape Perks : The 200m Woodcutting cape instantly teleports you to the currently spawned Evil Tree The 200m Mining cape instantly teleports you to the currently spawned Shooting Star The Smithing Cape, when it saves bars, for example making darts, it still finishes your inventory, instead of making 27 bars into darts and then stops even though you have multiple bars in your inventory, as it currently does. New Skiller Max Cape : A cape that you can wear, once maxing every non-combat skill to 99 (excluding Slayer) , independent of the combat 99's meaning, this would basically be a max cape for all the unqiue accounts, such as Skillers, Pures, Zerkers. This cape would of course not have the same perks as the regular max cape, but would still have the combined perks of the non-combat skill capes. Teleports Make a right-click option on the teleport icon (for example Ardougne teleport) to let you teleport to your previous teleport location. This would make Zulrah and other bosses, where you use the Box of Health frequently, a bit faster. Make an option to switch your Home teleport to the ::DZ, if you are a donor. Wilderness Wilderness Slayer could be a lot more active, if you would add different tiers of Archaic Emblems, currently only getting Tier 1 Emblems, which reward 50 PKP Points, is not worth the effort of using Wildy Slayer Wilderness Keys : Make an additional drop table for most monsters in the Wilderness to contain different colored Wilderness Keys. Low level monsters would drop e.g. blue keys and these can be openened by going to a location in the Wilderness (max lv. 15 Wild). While high level monsters or bosses drop e.g. red keys, which you would need to go to a location in deep Wild to access the rewards. Drop Tables Add the ::mbox rewards to the regular Drop Table, so that you can for example type in Inferno Cape on the Drop table and it will tell you, you can get this item from an Ultra MBox. this change would make looking for certain items a lot easier. Add Pet Drop chances to the Drop Table of bosses, so that you can see how close you are (theoretically) to the pet. Thank you for reading through this, I would love a ton of feedback and your own spin on these Suggestions 🙂 Cheers!
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