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  1. Awesome collection you got there so far, gl on more drops! 😄
  2. Hey guys! 😄 I think its time to introduce myself, I have been here for some months now 😉 My name is Mikki, 29 years old and lives in Denmark (explain my wierd ingame name 😂 ). I got a wife and 2 kids, so I cant play 24/7, but still manage to get maxed on here! 🤩💪 Been playing Runescape since the release back in 2004, so im kinda a veteran 😅 I have tried out alot of RSPS servers, but I have to say, that this server is awesome! Love the weekly updates and there is so much content to do! Great work by the owners, keep it up guys! 😍 Now you guys know some about me. If you wanna know more, just pm me! 😄 Have fun and happy grinding! Kryddersvend out 😎
  3. Image: IGN: Kryddersvend Theme: Skilling outfit / chill 🙂 Why?: I found this outfit awesome. I have been trying out all my skillcapes (maxed), with different armour in my bank, couldnt find anything better than this, and I like it! 😉 Info: The outfit is, abby slayer helm, fury, slayer cape, dust battlestaff, black platebody (t), black platelegs (t), unholy book (zammy), primordial boots and barrows gloves 😄
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