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  1. I've recently noticed some monsters (dust devils, abby demons) in the slayer tower have a bug were if you finished killing it, it will say you're still in combat with it "you are already in combat" also someone else said hell hounds in tav dung do the same thing. i've tried logging out and back in to make the abby demon attackable and it didnt work.
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    Arma seems to be buffed, and super unbalanced. before the update you could easily get 10 kill trips or more now im barely getting 2 kills. its really not efficient. please look into re-balancing arma. someone said arma might be harder because the magic update so the mage minion is hitting harder, which probably is true although all the minions and arma it self seem to be buffed. please fix this its unbearable and a waste of time going for 2 kills per trip. even a pro osrs player i personally feel would have a hard time with arma gwd.
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    I was in the wildy killing seren did all the damage to it and didnt receive a drop. it took 3 full inventory of food to kill it on the 4th time back i decided to let it kill me since i didnt feel like running back to lvl 30 wildy to teleport when i died i ::wildyevent back to seren and finished off its 50hp when it died it said "i didnt do enough damage to the boss" or omething like that but there was no one else there with me. it took a while so i feel i should be granted a seren key is all im saying. i think since i let it kill me and it had less then 2% hp left it didnt consider me the killer... please can i have a seren key :D
  4. Does “Only 1 MAC/IP Address is eligible to enter each day but a player can win multiple challenges.” Mean only Macintosh computer users can win?
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