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    Nightmare Guide

    Nice tutorial bro. Hopefully this helps some people
  2. NOT ALWAYS ACCURATE Hit "Ctrl+F" to search for an item Gear Items: Dragon boots: 1.5-3m Ranger Boots: 10-20m Primordial Boots: 100-125m Eternal Boots: 100-125m Pegasian Boots: 100-125m Abyssal Whip: 10-20m Kraken Tenticle: 15-20m Amulet of Fury: 10-15m Amulet of Torture: 35-50m Necklace of Anguish: 75-100m Dharok's Set: 10-20m Ahrim's Set: 10-20m Guthan's Set: 10-20m Karil's Set: 10-20m Torag's Set: 10-20m Bandos Tassets: 75-100m Bandos Chestplate: 60-85m Bandos Godsword: 90-120m Zamorak Godsword: 70-90m Saradomin Godsword: 75-100m Armadyl Godsword: 70-125m Armadyl Chestplate: 85-125m Armadyl Plateskirt: 90-125m Armadyl Crossbow: 40-60m Crow's Bow: 100-150m Dragon Crossbow: 40-60m Dragon Hunter Crossbow: 130-175m Toxic Blowpipe: 200-250m Archers Ring: 7-10m Seers Ring: 7-10m Berserker Ring: 8-12m Warrior Ring: 6-9m Dragon Warhammer: 75-100m Dragon Claws: 150-200m Dragonfire Shield: 50-75m Trident of the Seas: 50-75m Toxic Staff of the Dead: 75-100m Serpentine Helm: 65-90m Elder Maul: 150-200m Twisted Buckler: 80-125m Dragon Darts: 20-40k Dragon Arrows: 15-25k Black Mask: 3-5m Mage Book: 10-20m Ring of Wealth: 20-30m Wyvern Shield: 50-85m Resources + Tools: Dragon Bones: 50-85k Baby Dragon Bones: 15-20k Red Chinchompas: 10-15k Black Chinchompas: 20-30k Anglerfish: 25-35k Dark crab: 20-30k Magic Logs: 5-15k Runite Ore: 25-40k Runite Bars: 20-35k Adamantile Bars: 10-25k Dragon Pickaxe: 10-25m Dragon Axe: 3-6m Rares: Dexterious Scroll: 100-150m Arcane Scroll: 75-125m Party Hats: 600 -1b Halloween Masks: 500 - 750m Twisted Bow: 1b+ Scythe: 1b+ Justicar Armour: ???? ALOT ???? Arcane/Spectral/Elysian Spirit Shield: 200-500m Approx
  3. Requesting rank: Onyx Proof: http://prntscr.com/rjwo1m
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15L_42sL5hs Hopefully this helps you guys out a little 🙂
  5. Accepted. Thank you for applying. I will message in game with details
  6. Accepted. I will pm you in game with more details. 🙂
  7. We will join clan chat once we get a few more members
  8. Riggs PvM Clan Why Riggs? We are a friendly group of people just enjoying what Xeros has to offer. We work as a team to take down massive bosses including the WildyBoss while also helping eachother progress in the game. Clan Chat: Our clan chat leveling will be based on how long you're in our CC This allows the new players to differentiate the older players to new for inquires. Current Staff: Owner: Riggs Ingame Username: Discord ID: Time Played: Preferred Bosses: Combat Level: Total Level: Do you consider yourself more of a PvM or a PvP player: Why do you want to be in this/a clan?: How did you hear about us and/or who recruited you?:
  9. Dude thank you for this. I had no clue capes even did anything
  10. I am Riggs.. Haven't played OSRS or RSPS in about 3 years. I enjoy PvM'ing with people and grinding. I'm also 25 years old so yeah. im a nerd i guess xD
  11. Droprate: 1/256Normal droprate in %: (1/256)*100=0.390625%Add a modifier like so:If you have an increased droprate for example 5% we can calculate that by adding 5%. Keep in mind 1 = 100% so if we want to add 5% it's 1.05.((1/256)*100)*1.05=0.41015625%So the likely hood of each kill for you is: 0.41015625%The point where you are more likely to have the drop then not is 100/(((1/256)*100)*1.05)=243.9Or 243 and 9/10 kills. This is how you should think of droprates.
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