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    Barrelchest Guide

    you can also place cannon in the still safe spot it for much faster kills
  2. welcome and hope you enjoy the server and stick around 😛
  3. holy sh*t you took some time on this! looks awesome bro, gl on the grinds
  4. Baba Yaga


    i like the added idea, would love to see it ingame 😛
  5. IGN: Baba yaga Theme: Biggest flex in the game. why?: Eco holder has to be fresh for the 2nd fashionscape event!
  6. Well I've been on the server since around June, first account name was nacholimey. I've played runescape since 2008, and servers since 2010. I pk, pvm, and gamble, I've played hundreds of servers and this is by far the best. Since the start of Covid-19 ive worked from home at capitol one, so ive been able to put in alot of hours on xeros. cant wait for the server to blowup and hit the numbers i know it can.
  7. welcome, and congratz on the staff spot
  8. welcome man, dont really talk to you alot so its nice to know alittle about you
  9. welcome to the forums my man
  10. Baba Yaga


  11. Baba Yaga

    Baba Yaga buying

    Buying $10-500 in scrolls - Buying all Range/melee pvp armours
  12. Requesting rank:Diamond Club Proof:
  13. Awesome! this should be fun
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