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  1. Ign: Owenbase Theme: white knight why? open the casket to find out
  2. Item donation values: Foe rewards: foe certificates: 10K Scroll cost: 10k Worth 400 Points: 25k scroll cost: 25k All barrows pieces 50k scroll cost: 50k Occult necklace Pets: Dragon axe Postie pete cost: 55k Use: 80% chance to pick up ckeys from the ground Dragon pickaxe Imp cost: 55k Use: 80% chance to pick up clue scrolls from the ground Toucan cost: 65K Use: 80 Chance to pick up resource packs Worth 650 Points Penguin king cost: 65k Use: 80% chance to pick up coin bags 3rd age melee, range, and mage pieces K'klil cost: 150k Use: 5% drop rate buff Dragon Kiteshield and Platebody Shadow warrior cost: 75k Use: 50% chance for 10% strength damage in pvm Shadow archer cost:75k Use: 50% chance for 10% range damage in pvm Worth 1200 Points: Shadow wizard cost: 75k Use 50% of doing 10% more mage damage in pvm Abby Whip Healer death spawn cost: 80k use: 5% chance hit restores hp Amulet of fury Holy Death spawn cost 80k use: %% chance that 1/2 of your hit is restored into prayer Elder druidic pieces Corrupt beast cost: 500k use: 5% drop rate and 50% chance for 10% strength bonus in all styles in pvm Ranger boots roc cost: 500k use: 10% drop rate boost Kratos cost:1.5m use: combination of all pets Worth 1550 points: Misc: all the Regular daganoth king rings Imbue dust cost: 15k use: imbue an item Tyrannical and treasonous ring ring of wealth scroll cost: 100k use: imbue a ring of wealth Dragon crossbow name change scroll cost: 15k use: change your name Blessed sara sword Foe mystery key cost:15k use: open foe mystery chest Tentacle Whip uim storage key cost: 450 Use: unlock a uim storage key (uim only) Brimstone Ring chest rate bonus cost 850 use: +15% chance for any chests drop rate Trident of the seas Worth 3800 points: Dragonfire shield light ballista Trident of the swamp Worth 5300 Points: Armadyl Crossbow All imbued daganoth rings imbued tyrannical ring and treasonous ring imbued Dihn's Bulwark Serp helms Toxic staff of the dead Abyssal dagger and abyssal dagger(p++) All godswords besides armadyl Ancient wyvern shield Tanzanite fang Mutagens Crystal armour set Worth 6500 Points Abyssal bludgeon All Zenyte jewelry Worth 7500 Points: Bandos chest and tassets Armadyl set all Cerberus boots Worth 8400 points: Ankou pieces Mummy pieces Heavy ballista both wards Elder maul Avernic defender and hilt Kodai wand Dragon warhammer and claws dex/arcane scroll dragonhunter lance Worth 10k points: Ferocious Gloves Corrupt crystal armour set Worth 12.5k points Ancestral pieces Justiciar pieces Worth 15k points Blade of saeldor Ghrazi rapier Toxic blowpipe Barb assault icons Partyhats Santa hats Halloween masks Worth 25k points Spectral and arcane spirit shield Inquisitors pieces Worth 45k points: elysian spirit shield Worth 100k points: Tbow Sythe Let me know if I got anything wrong or made spelling mistakes so I can correct them
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