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  1. I should have made my introduction a little while ago, but better late than never! My name is Chris my in game names are X Factor and Factor, and i'm 27 from Rhode Island, USA. I currently work at a local retail store and i'm a mechanical engineer major with a minor in business. I have been playing runescape since 2003/2004.I started playing servers since 2010 and this one is now what i consider to be my permanent place of residence. I used to be a player killer back in the glory days of the wilderness from 05-08, but now i've since switched gears to being a pvmer since its more of a challenge. If you see me on feel free to message me and say hello! i'm quite easy going and try to be as helpful as I can be.I love being here and I'm looking forward to plenty of good times! I hope to meet you all if I haven't already
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