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    Hey My irl name is Kev, but everyone calls me Smithy, it's a nickname that's stuck with me for years. I'm 29 from Leeds, England. Not much to say really, I like to have a good laugh in game and enjoy banter with the lads. you'll usually find me at raids, hydra, zulrah (450 fucking dry) or in discord/skilling. Pm me if ya need owt. Thnx, Smithy
  2. Hello Selling; - 500 Hydra bones - 1K d bones - 2k addy bars - 1k rune bars - 1k torstol potions (unf) - 500 snapdragon potions (unf) - 500 ranarr potions (unf) - 5k raw sharks - 5k raw anglers - cooked anglers - 1K green dragonhides - 2K snakeskins - 1K uncut diamonds - 50K zulrah scales - 50K pure ess Probably got other stuff too. anything skilling related, pm me in game on "smithy" Thnx
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    Enjoy dood.
  4. #brotherhood
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