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  1. At 1/62 the average time to get a rare key is 434 minutes if you complete a raid in 7 minutes, at 1/40 it was 280 minutes, why not leave the drop rate for all the people actually doing damage and drop the drop rate significantly for the people that leech, like 1/100 etc. Even put a 500 damage minimum on raids and make kronos seed give a chance @ 2x keys rather than being 2x all the time.
  2. Wow! Love the new achievement tab! Good work guys!
  3. Lets get this clan back together!
  4. Lovely idea, will defiantly keep the wildy active on a few days
  5. Good job guys thank you!
  6. Brotherhood PvM Bossing - Raids Are you looking for a clan on Xeros to find groups for bossing, raids and other activities? Then look no further, because we are, Brotherhood PvM. Clan rules: Always follow Xeros rules. Don't disrespect anyone in the clan. No advertising for other clans. No begging for ranks. Requirements: Combat level of 120+ (exceptions made for rouge accounts) Elite void or decent gear (armadyl, bandos etc) Whip. Fire cape. How to join: Post here and join the clan chat "Brotherhood" and inform a ranked member you wish to join. Clan events We will be hosting weekly events and giveaways to active members
  7. Great work guys, keep it up ❤️
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