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  1. Could you assist me

  2. I see you 🤭


  4. Good suggestion Boca
  5. I like your suggestions. As Cason said in the discord, you are able to use the command "::Streak" to see your current slayer task streak. However, all of the suggestions other than that have a thumbs up from me! 👍
  6. Leaf

    Abyssal sire guide

    You're gonna burn your mouse buttons off clicking the boss so many times 😝
  7. Luckily we the devs and owners are still working on many bug fixes and updates, some take a little longer than other to fix, some maybe the devs are having trouble fixing, when an update is pushed, it's just for necessity and or enough content was created/fixed to put an update out 🙂 I'm sure the next update will have some more bug fixes, since there are still quite a few to knock out
  8. Loving your ideas Tom, bringing a lot of new stuff to the server, glad we got you on board!!
  9. The idea sounds pretty cool!
  10. I like the guide, Cursed. Simple and clean, looks good and easy to understand
  11. Awesome stuff, guys
  12. Leaf

    Leaf's Inferno Guide

    Listed here is a video, to reference how to complete the Inferno Minigame. This was one of my, more messier attempts, but still got the job done! Hopefully this will help some of you. My mouse was a little off, because I'd switched screens when I started recording, so try to not pay attention to that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADnK3dNStq4 Zuk starts at 15:25 Quick text tutorial Blood barrage through waves 61-66 67 - Jad 68 - Triple Jad 69 - Zuk Attack zuk until he is around 500 hp, but try not to go lower, because Jad will spawn. 1:30 into zuk, and every 1:30 after they are killed, the mage and range minion will spawn, separate. Pray mage the entire time, and get aggro from both of them ASAP. Kill range, then Mage Then continue attacking Zuk until Jad spawns, deal with him quickly. Continue attacking zuk, until Mage and range respawn again. This time, only kill the range monster, do not kill the mage one, but get its aggro onto you and off the shield. Around 200 hp the healers will spawn, take aggro on all of them first, then kill them. Continue watching for the range monster. After healers are killed, continue hitting Zuk, and re-killing the Range monster until you've completed the inferno! Immediately gamble your cape for the pet and cry because you didn't get it
  13. Leaf


    Super cool, really well put together!
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