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  1. Welcome 😄 Another Chris! Epic!
  2. Leaf

    Leaf's Inferno Guide

    Listed here is a video, to reference how to complete the Inferno Minigame. This was one of my, more messier attempts, but still got the job done! Hopefully this will help some of you. My mouse was a little off, because I'd switched screens when I started recording, so try to not pay attention to that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADnK3dNStq4 Zuk starts at 15:25 Quick text tutorial Blood barrage through waves 61-66 67 - Jad 68 - Triple Jad 69 - Zuk Attack zuk until he is around 500 hp, but try not to go lower, because Jad will spawn. 1:30 into zuk, and every 1:30 after they are killed, the mage and range minion will spawn, separate. Pray mage the entire time, and get aggro from both of them ASAP. Kill range, then Mage Then continue attacking Zuk until Jad spawns, deal with him quickly. Continue attacking zuk, until Mage and range respawn again. This time, only kill the range monster, do not kill the mage one, but get its aggro onto you and off the shield. Around 200 hp the healers will spawn, take aggro on all of them first, then kill them. Continue watching for the range monster. After healers are killed, continue hitting Zuk, and re-killing the Range monster until you've completed the inferno! Immediately gamble your cape for the pet and cry because you didn't get it
  3. Leaf


    Super cool, really well put together!
  4. Another day playing Xeros, lovin' it

  5. Leaf


    rip Midnr2 banned but never forgotten
  6. Halloween Events going on all weekend long!! Random x2 drops, kronos seeds, Hide and seeks, drop parties and more!!!!!

  7. Awesome! Can't wait! That Banshee set is mine >:/
  8. Xeros Price Guide An updated list of item prices (Prices may change depending on seller/buyer - Supply/Demand) - Use Ctrl+f to search a specific item - Note: TBD = to be decided(not enough items to be priced, but often decided by seller) #: 3rd age full helmet: 20m 3rd age platebody: 20m 3rd age platelegs: 20m 3rd age plate skirt: 40m 3rd age kite: 20m 3rd age range coif: 15m 3rd age range top: 15m 3rd age range leggings: 15m 3rd age vambraces: 15m 3rd age mage hat: 15m 3rd age robe top: 15m 3rd age robe: 15m 3rd age amulet: 20m 3rd age axe: 30m 3rd age pickaxe: 30m 3rd age druidic robe top: 30m 3rd age druidic robe bottoms: 30m 3rd age druidic staff: 30m 3rd age cloak: 30m A : Armadyl crossbow: 30m-50m Armadyl platelegs: 60m-80m Armadyl chestplate: 60m-80m Armadyl helmet: 40m-60m Armadyl godsword: 45m-60m Armadyl godsword hilt: 35m-50m Amulet of fury: 3m-6m Amulet of torture: 60m-80m Ahrim's hood: 3m Ahrim's robetop: 3m Ahrim's robeskirt: 3m Ahrim's staff: 3m Adamant ore: 10-15k Adamant bar: 10-15k Anglerfish: 5-10k each Abyssal whip: 8-10m Abyssal bludgeon: 80m-100m Abyssal dagger: 25-40m Archers ring: 5-10m Archers ring(i): 30-40m Ancient wyvern shield: 50-70m Avernic defender hilt: 250-300m Arcane prayer scroll: 80-120m Ancestral hat: 125-160m Ancestral robe top: 150-200m Ancestral robe bottom: 150-200m Arcane spirit shield: 400m-500m Ankou(all pieces): 40m ea Amulet of the damned: 20-30m B : Bandos godsword: 40-60m Bandos tassets: 50-70m Bandos boots: 500k-1m Bandos chestplate: 50-70m Bandos godsword Hilt: 40-60m Baby dragon bones: 7k-12k each Brimstone ring: 25-30m Berserker ring: 10-12m Berserker ring(i): 30-40m Black mask: 3-5m Black chinchompa: 20-25k each Black party hat: 400m-800m Black Santa hat: 350-500m Blade of saeldor: 500m-600m C : Craw's bow: 80m-100m Crystal key: 500k-800k Casket(pvm): 500k Christmas cracker: 300m - 600m Crystal bow: 1-2m Crystal shield: 1-2m Crystal halberd: 10m Crystal platebody: 15-20m Crystal helm: 15-20m Crystal platelegs: 15-20m Corrupted helm (perfected): 100m-200m Corrupted platebody (perfected): 100m-200m Corrupted platelegs (perfected): 100m-200m D : Dinh's bulwark: 60m Dragon bones: 8k- 12k each Dragon crossbow: 15m-25m Dragon darts: 15k-25k each Dragon arrows: 10-20k each Dragon sword: 10m Dragon axe: 1-3m Dragon pickaxe: 5-10m Dragon platebody: 20m Dragon kiteshield: 15m Dragon boots: 600k-1m Dragon warhammer: 70-90m Dragon claws: 80m-100m Dragonfire shield: 60-100m Draconic visage: 45m-65mm Dragon hunter lance: 200-300m Dragon hunter crossbow: 110m-130m Dharok's helmet: 3m Dharok's platebody: 3m Dharok's platelegs: 3m Dharok's axe: 3m Dark crab: 3-6k each Dark bow: 5m-15m Dark light: 3-5m Dexterous prayer scroll: 150-225m Dagannoth bones: 25-40k Dagon'hai hat: TBD Dagon'hai robe top: TBD Dagon'hai robe bottom: TBD Dragon crossbow: 10-15m E : Eternal Boots: 30m-40m Elder maul: 60m-80m Elysian spirit shield: 500m-800m Eldritch orb: 100m-200m F : FoE Points: 40m per 10k FoE points G : Godsword Shard 1: 1-3m Godsword Shard 2: 1-3m Godsword Shard 3: 1-3m Guthan's helmet: 3-7m Guthan's platebody: 3m Guthan's chainskirt: 3m Guthan's warspear: 3m Ghrazi rapier: 300-400m H : Heavy ballista: 30-60m Hydra bones: 25k-40k H'ween mask(all types): 300-500m Harmonized orb: 300-400m I : Inquisitor's great helm: 200m Inquisitor's hauberk: 200m Inquisitor's plate skirt: 200m inquisitor's mace: 200m Imbued heart: 20-40m Imbue dust: 25m J : Justiciar faceguard: 150-200m Justuciar chestguard: 150-200m Justiciar laggard: 150-200m K : Kraken tentacle: 15-20m Kodai wand: 100-130m L : M : Master wand: 5-10m Mage's book: 3-5m Magma helm: 40-50m Mummy(all pieces): 40m Magic logs: 2.5-5k Mystery box: 40m Malediction ward: 40m Morrigan's coif: 300m - 500m Morrigan's leather body: 300m - 500m Morrigan's leather chaps: 300m - 500m N : Necklace of anguish: 50-60m Neitiznot faceguard: 40-50m Nightmare staff: 400m O : Ornament kits(all types): 10-20m Onyx stone(cut/uncut): 7-11m Occult necklace: 25-35m Odium ward: 40m P : Primordial boots: 75m-90m Pegasian boots: 60m-75m Party hats(all types): 300-500m Q : R : Ranger tunic: 5-10m Ranger boots: 10-15m Robin hat: 15-20m Ring of wealth: 10-20m Ring of wealth(i): 380-400m Ring of suffering: 20-30m Rune darts: 500-1000 each Runite ore: 20-25k Runite bar: 20-25 Red chinchompa: 10-15k each S : Saradomin sword: 8m-16m Saradomin tear: 20m-30m Blessed Saradomin sword: 40m-60m Saradomin godsword: 60m-70m Saradomin godsword hilt: 50m-60m Superior dragon bones: 25k-45k Super combat potion(4): 50-100k Seers ring: 5-10m Seers ring(i): 20-25m Staff of the dead: 40-60m Serpentine helm: 35-50m Spectral spirit shield: 300-500m Santa hat: 350m-450m Sled: 300m+ Scythe: 200m+ Super mystery box: 120m Scythe of Vitur: 4b+ Statius' full helm: 400m-600m Statius' platebody: 400m-600m Statius' platelegs: 400m-600m Statius' Warhammer: 400m-600m T : Toxic Blowpipe: 70-100m Toxic Staff of The Dead: 60-80m Trident of The Seas: 10-20m Trident of The Swamp: 30-40m Torag's helmet: 3m Torag's platebody: 3m Torag's platelegs: 3m Torag's hammers: 3m Thammaron's staff: 10-20m Twisted bow: 3.5b+ Twisted buckler: 40-60m Tanzanite helm: 40-50m Tormented bracelet: 30-50m: Treasonous ring(i): 30-40m Tyrannical ring(i): 30-40m U : Ultra mystery box: 200m V : Verac's helmet: 3m Verac's brassard: 3m Verac's skirt: 3m Verac's flail: 3m Viggora's mace: 20-40m Vote crystal: 800k-1m Vote chest key: 40m Volatile orb: 400-500m Vesta's chainbody: 400m-600m Vesta's plateskirt: 400m-600m Vesta's spear: 400m-600m Vesta's longsword: 400m-600m W : Wyvern Bones: 25k-45k Warriors ring: 3-5m Warriors ring(i): 18-20m X : Y : Z : Zamorakian Spear: 5-10m Zamorak Godsword: 30-50m Zamorak Godsword Hilt: 20-40m Zulrah Scales: 2-3k each Zuriel's hood: 200m-300m Zuriel's robe top: 200m-300m Zuriel's robe bottom: 200m-300m _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If an item is missing or a current item needs a price change, reply or PM and it will be changed if needed. This thread has been updated from @boca 's most recent (old) price guide. Most info has not changed, but since Boca is no longer here, the guide can not be changed.
  9. This post is awesome, love the work
  10. Thanks for this, will help a lot of people understand how things work behind the scenes!
  11. Some good suggestions in here
  12. Leaf


    I agree with this, arma does seem like it's a little stronger than it should be.
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