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    Foe Items

    List of items that can be put into the fire exchange: 400 Point items: All barrows Bandos boots Occult necklace Dragon axe Dragon pickaxe 650 point items: 3rd age melee pieces 3rd age range pieces 3rd age mage pieces Dragon kiteshield Dragon platebody 1200 Point items: Abyssal whip Amulet of fury Elder druid pieces Ranger boots 1550 Point items: Berserker ring Archer ring Seer's ring Tyrannical ring Treasonous ring Dragon crossbow Blessed saradomin sword Abyssal tentacle Brimstone ring Trident of the seas 3800 Point items: Dragonfire shield Light ballista Trident of the swamp 5300 Point items: Armadyl Crossbow Seers ring (i) Archers ring (i) Berserker ring (i) Warriors ring (i) Tyrannical ring (i) Treasonous ring (i) Dihn's Bulwark Tanzanite helm Serpentine helm Magma Helm Toxic staff of the dead Abyssal dagger Zamorak godsword Saradomin godsword Bandos godsword Abyssal dagger (p++) Ancient wyvern shield Tanzanite fang Magma mutagen Tanzanite mutagen Crystal helm Crystal body Crystal legs 6500 Point items: Abyssal Bludgeon Tormented bracelet Amulet of torture Necklace of anguish Ring of suffering 7500 Point items: Bandos chestplate Bandos tassets Armadyl helm Armadyl chestplate Armadyl chainskirt Primordial boots Pegasian boots Eternal boots 8400 Point items: Ankou pieces Mummy pieces Heavy Ballista Malediction ward Odium ward Elder maul Avernic defender Avernic defender hilt Kodai wand Dragon warhammer Dragon claws Dexterous prayer scroll Arcane prayer scroll Dragon hunter lance 10000 Point items: Ferocious Gloves Corrupt crystal helm Corrupt crystal body Corrupt crystal legs 12500 Point items: Ancestral hat Ancestral robe top Ancestral robe bottoms Justiciar Faceguard Justiciar Chestplate Justiciar Legs 15000 Point items: Blade of Saeldor Ghrazi Rapier Toxic blowpipe Barbarian assault icons Rainbow party hat Blue party hat Red party hat White party hat Yellow party hat Purple party hat Green party hat Black party hat Black santa hat Inverted Santa hat Gold h'ween mask Red h'ween mask Blue h'ween mask Green h'ween mask 25000 Point items: Spectral spirit shield Arcane spirit shield Inquisitor helm Inquisitor Body Inquisitor Legs Inquisitor mace 45000 Point items: Elysian spirit shield 100000 Point items: Twisted bow Scythe of Vitur
  2. Will

    Hey Guys!

    Welcome to Xeros
  3. Will

    Hunllef Guide

    You can also pray magic when he's using the lightning attack, but this is a nice guide 🙂
  4. It's sad to see you go 😞 GL in the future!
  5. There are updated pictures of the challenges left in the discord, this one is slightly outdated
  6. No its still going, there's very few challenges left though
  7. Will

    Gilbert / Scar

    Welcome to Xeros Gilbert 😛
  8. This was so fun on Sovark! Goodluck to everyone
  9. Will


    Welcome matey, enjoy your stay 🙂
  10. Will

    Kourend Catacombs Map

    Not really necessary since we have a teleport around the catacombs when you teleport there, but thanks anyway!
  11. Welcome to Xeros mate!
  12. These look like they're going to be so fun! gl fellas
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