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Found 1 result

  1. Gilbert

    Hunllef Guide

    Hello, This is my personal prefence on doing Hunllef. Hunllef is a stronger demonic gorilla, so beware he changes prayers and attack styles against you. Requirements: - Range / Melee stats (90+ Preffered) - Void / Tank armor (Void Preffered) - Crystalline Key (Dropped by NPC's in the Crystal Cave) - Slayers task within the Crystal Cave to enter. Supplies: -1x Combat potion -1x Ranging potion -8x Saradomin Brews -5x Restore Potion -8x Manta ray (Depends on your gear) -Rune Pouch with Vengeance -Crystalline Key How to kill Hunllef: 1:) Go to Crystal Cave and run to the Boss location 2:) Pot up and kill it, using range when he is protecting from melee, range it when hes protecting from melee. Also run when hes maging, thats the only protection. 3:) Use protect from Melee and you should be fine, using your brews first and use your Manta Ray if your getting to low on health When you done, you will be teleported to the chest after this its just GOOD LUCK!
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