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Found 5 results

  1. Leaf

    Leaf's Inferno Guide

    Listed here is a video, to reference how to complete the Inferno Minigame. This was one of my, more messier attempts, but still got the job done! Hopefully this will help some of you. My mouse was a little off, because I'd switched screens when I started recording, so try to not pay attention to that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADnK3dNStq4 Zuk starts at 15:25 Quick text tutorial Blood barrage through waves 61-66 67 - Jad 68 - Triple Jad 69 - Zuk Attack zuk until he is around 500 hp, but try not to go lower, because Jad will spawn. 1:30 into zuk, and every 1:30 after they are killed, the mage and range minion will spawn, separate. Pray mage the entire time, and get aggro from both of them ASAP. Kill range, then Mage Then continue attacking Zuk until Jad spawns, deal with him quickly. Continue attacking zuk, until Mage and range respawn again. This time, only kill the range monster, do not kill the mage one, but get its aggro onto you and off the shield. Around 200 hp the healers will spawn, take aggro on all of them first, then kill them. Continue watching for the range monster. After healers are killed, continue hitting Zuk, and re-killing the Range monster until you've completed the inferno! Immediately gamble your cape for the pet and cry because you didn't get it
  2. Brotherhood PvM Bossing - Raids Are you looking for a clan on Xeros to find groups for bossing, raids and other activities? Then look no further, because we are, Brotherhood PvM. Clan rules: Always follow Xeros rules. Don't disrespect anyone in the clan. No advertising for other clans. No beggi´╗┐ng for ranks. Requirements: 120+ (exceptions made for rouge/extreme accounts) Elite void or decent gear (armadyl, bandos etc) Whip. Fire cape. How to join: Post here and join the clan chat "Brotherhood" and inform a ranked member you wish to join. Clan events We will be hosting weekly events and giveaways to active members Will be adding more at a later point in time.
  3. Easy and Safe Skotizo Guide! Requirements: - 94+ Mage - 90+ Range - 1+ Defence (higher is better) - (Void recommended) Inventory: - Rune pouch with Ice Barrage - 6-8 Sara brews - 4-6 Super Restore Potions - Ranging potion - Sharks/Manta Ray - Totem Gear: - Mage/Range Tactic: 1:) Use protect from magic and use the ranging potion 2:) Enter the room and Freeze Skotizo with Ice barrage. 3:) Run to safe distance and equip your ranging gear. 4:) Kill skotizo, everytime the freeze end's, refreeze him and repeat. 5:) Dont worry about the rest, just freeze and kill, also dont worry about the spawns.
  4. Gilbert

    Hunllef Guide

    Hello, This is my personal prefence on doing Hunllef. Hunllef is a stronger demonic gorilla, so beware he changes prayers and attack styles against you. Requirements: - Range / Melee stats (90+ Preffered) - Void / Tank armor (Void Preffered) - Crystalline Key (Dropped by NPC's in the Crystal Cave) - Slayers task within the Crystal Cave to enter. Supplies: -1x Combat potion -1x Ranging potion -8x Saradomin Brews -5x Restore Potion -8x Manta ray (Depends on your gear) -Rune Pouch with Vengeance -Crystalline Key How to kill Hunllef: 1:) Go to Crystal Cave and run to the Boss location 2:) Pot up and kill it, using range when he is protecting from melee, range it when hes protecting from melee. Also run when hes maging, thats the only protection. 3:) Use protect from Melee and you should be fine, using your brews first and use your Manta Ray if your getting to low on health When you done, you will be teleported to the chest after this its just GOOD LUCK!
  5. Alty

    In-Game Price Guide

    Alty's Updated Price Guide Updated (5-08-2020) Ctrl + F To fine Specific Items Gear Items: Dragon Boots: 600k - 1m Ranger Boots: 10m - 15m Primordial Boots: 80m - 100m Eternal Boots: 40m - 50m Pegasian Boots: 80m - 100m Abyssal Whip: 10m - 15m Kraken Tentacle: 15m - 20m Amulet of Fury: 8m - 12m Amulet of Torture: 60m - 80m Necklace of Anguish: 50m - 60m Tormented Braclet: 30m - 50m Ring of Suffering: 20m - 30m Brimstone Ring: 25m - 30m Barrows Sets: 5m - 10m Bandos Tassets: 50m - 70m Bandos Chestplate: 50m - 70m Armadyl Plateskirt: 60m - 80m Armadyl Chestplate: 60m - 80m Armadyl Helm: 15m - 20m Bandos Godsword: 40m - 60m Zamorak Godsword: 40m - 50m Saradomin Godsword: 70m - 80m Armadyl Godsword: 60m - 100m Craw's Bow: 50m - 70m Dragon Crossbow: 30m - 40m Armadyl Crossbow: 30m - 50m Dragon Hunter Crossbow: 125m - 150m Toxic Blowpipe: 200m - 250m Archer / Seers Rings: 5m - 10m Berserker Ring: 10m - 12m Warrior Ring: 3m - 5m Dragon Warhammer: 70m - 90m Dragon Claws: 125m - 175m Dragonfire Shield: 50m - 75m Trident of the Seas: 10m - 20m Toxic Staff of the Dead: 60m - 80m Serpentine Helm: 60m - 70m Elder Maul: 100m - 125m Twisted Buckler: 60m - 70m Black Mask: 3m - 5m Mage Book: 3m - 5m Imbued Heart: 30m - 50m Wyvern Shield: 50m - 80m Ring of Wealth: 20m - 25m Dragon Arrows: 10k - 15k Dragon Darts: 20k - 30k Neitiznot Faceguard - 40-50m Toxic trident of the seas - 50-70m Resources + Tools: Dragon Bones: 30k - 40k Hydra Bones 50-60k Baby Dragon Bones: 15k - 20k Red Chins: 10k - 15k Black Chins: 20k - 25k Anglerfish: 10k - 15k Dark Crabs: 5k - 10k Magic Logs: 2.5k - 5k Runite Ore/Bar: 20k - 25k Adamantite Ore/Bar: 10k - 15k Dragon Pickaxe: 2.5m - 5m Dragon Axe: 900k - 1.5m Zulrah's Scales: 2k - 3k Vote Points: 750k - 1m Crystal Keys: 750k - 1m Rares: Prayer Scrolls: 100m - 125m Sled: 400-500m Party Hats: 600m - 900m H'ween Masks: 200m - 400m Twisted Bow: TBD Scythe: TBD Ghrazi Rapier: 300m - 400m Justiciar Top/Bottom: 150m - 200m Justiciar Helm: 100m - 150m Avernic defender hilt: 200m - 250m Ancestral Top/Bottom: 200m - 250m Ancestral Hat: 100m - 150m Kodai Wand: 100m - 150m Arcane/Spectral/Elysian Spirit Shields: 200m - 500m Inquisitor Set: TBD Nightmare Staff: TBD Inquisitor Mace: TBD Donator Rank Scrolls: Roughly 8m - 10m Per 1$ $10 scroll - 80m - 100m and So on and So Forth. If Something is Missing Please fill free to message me Or Leave a reply on here and i will update Thank You.
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