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Please remember that the following rules apply both to forums & Chatbox, younger audiences use our forums and the severity of your punishments will apply depending on your attitude, the rule broken and how many times you have been infracted/warned before.

Account sharing:

We do NOT tolerate account sharing. If you are caught breaking this rule, the account(s) involved will be permantly banned.


If you are caught advertising another RSPS or a third party website, you will be permanently banned from the forums. No questions asked. Don't even mention names of other RSPS'. There is no need to even talk about them.


Boosting means that you are gaining an unfair advantage of acquiring stats, such as thanks or post-count. If you are caught with conducting suspicious activity in order to boost, your forum account will be dealt with accordingly, along with what you have boosted for (thanks/posts).

Buying/Selling accounts:

You are not allowed to sell or buy forum accounts. If you get caught, the account involved will be permanently disabled.

Discussing illegal activities:

We do not harbor criminals at Xeros, so we will not tolerate any discussion of illegal activities (besides torrenting). We also do not tolerate profane topics. If you are found discussing any illegal activities, you will be banned, and if serious enough, you will be reported to the authorities.

Disrespecting staff members and/or their decisions:

All staff decisions are final. Any disrespect, be it public or privately will not be tolerated. If you have a problem with a decision, then deal with it in private with the staff member. All staff members watch over each other. If a higher authority believes that an unjust decision was made, then compromises will follow.

Excessive Profanity:

We like to give our users the freedom of speech here at Xeros. However, that does not mean you can abuse that right. We do not allow excessive swearing, or anything else excessively profane. Why? There are young players on Xeros and they really shouldn't be exposed to such material. Please understand that we are only trying to keep them safe.


It is allowed but not encouraged.

Impersonating members:

If you impersonate a Xeros member, depending on the situation, different consequences will be taken. If your intentions are for good, you'll merely be warned. However, if you have devious intentions (eg. scamming, tricking other users), then you will be permanently banned from both our server and our website. No exceptions.

Inappropriate usernames:

Your forum name shall not contain any profanity, racism/derogatory terms, sexual nuances, or an excessive amount of spaces between characters. If you are to break this rule, a moderator will confront you about it and you will be forced to change your username yourself, otherwise, a forum administrator will change it for you.

Infectious trolling & harassment:

We take cyber bullying very seriously here at Xeros. If you harass members in the forums by doing any of these things you will be warned, and if you decide to continue, you will be silenced, infracted or banned depending on the severity of one's posts/shouts. Trolling other players is fine, as long as what you are doing is appropriate and is not harassing a player.

Manipulating staff members:

You will in no way manipulate Rashed or any other staff member for personal gain/ranks. If you do so and gain something while not deserving it; it will be confiscated or your account will be banned depending on the "reward". We've had just about enough of this.

Other languages:

English should be the only language to be spoke on the forums. You will be warned the first time we see you speaking any other language other than English. If caught again, you will be banned from the Chatbox for a short period of time. 

Posting inappropriate content:

Posting pornographic material, morbid images and shock site links will not be tolerated. If you post an image or link containing the following, you will be infracted/banned immediately. Do not "hide" links using bb code or a website, this goes with links that redirect to a different location. These types of links are made to fool the user into clicking them, and usually are not for a good reason. It may seem obvious, but any type of virus you link on the forums will earn you a permanent ban. Note: this includes over forum personal messages as well; if someone complains about an inappropriate pm they have been sent, action will be taken with sufficient evidence.

Posting in the wrong section/Double posting:

Double posting and posting in the wrong section are minor offenses, though is still illegal unless obligated to by a forum staff member. You will receive a warning if you fail to comply, and further consequences will apply if actions persist. 

Racism, sexism, religious intolerance or prejudice:

We do not tolerate prejudice. If you are racist, religiously intolerant or hold any prejudice against a different race/gender/belief you will be warned and/or banned depending on the situation.

Spamming/Chat flooding:

Spamming in the Chatbox is the same as spamming in-game. Don't flood the Chatbox with small or repeated messages, such as smilies or letters. When posting, make your posts meaningful, otherwise they will be classified as spam. Consequences WILL apply if you fail to comply. 

Evading Punishments:

Players who have received host-bans or host-mutes and decide to evade their punishment will simply be given the punishment once more and have their initial punishment's duration increased. Please also note that evading punishments will significantly decrease the probability of a player's punishment appeal being accepted. 

We reserve the right to edit these rules at any time without informing you.

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