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Clue rewards suggestion

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I've spotted missing items in the collections log and I feel some people, including me, would like them added, so I'll list the items below and you can decide whether or not to add:


3rd Age Bow

Black d'hide Trimmed/Gold Trimmed

Scroll Sack

Heavy Casket

Clueless Scroll

Bandos D'hide Vamb/Top/Legs/Coif

Armadyl D'hide Vamb/Top/Legs/Coif

Ancient D'hide Vamb/Top/Legs/Coif

Gilded D'hide 

Saradomin Robes

Guthix Robes

Zamorak Robes

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The 3a weaponry is very important to me particularly when it comes to clue scrolls. It's like the "master statement" when it comes to clue scrolls, like "hey everybody, look at me". I'd rather that than knowing it came from a donator's mystery box which seems very pettish and money-grabbing..

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