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Xeros Price Guide

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 Xeros Price Guide 

An updated list of item prices(Prices may change depending on seller/buyer)

- Use Ctrl+f to search a specific item -

Note: TBD = to be decided(not enough items to be priced, but often decided by seller)


  • 3rd age full helmet: 20m
  • 3rd age platebody: 20m
  • 3rd age platelegs: 20m
  • 3rd age plate skirt: 40m
  • 3rd age kite: 20m
  • 3rd age range coif: 15m
  • 3rd age range top: 15m
  • 3rd age range leggings: 15m
  • 3rd age vambraces: 15m
  • 3rd age mage hat: 15m
  • 3rd age robe top: 15m
  • 3rd age robe: 15m
  • 3rd age amulet: 20m
  • 3rd age axe: TBD
  • 3rd age pickaxe: TBD
  • 3rd age druidic robe top: TBD
  • 3rd age druidic robe bottoms: TBD
  • 3rd age druidic staff: TBD
  • 3rd age cloak: TBD


A :

  • Armadyl crossbow: 30-50m
  • Armadyl platelegs: 60-80m
  • Armadyl chestplate: 60-80m
  • Armadyl helmet: 40-60m
  • Armadyl godsword: 80-100m
  • Armadyl godsword hilt: 70-90m
  • Amulet of fury: 8-12m
  • Amulet of torture: 60-80m
  • Ahrim's hood: 5-10m
  • Ahrim's robetop: 5-10m
  • Ahrim's robeskirt: 5-10m
  • Ahrim's staff: 3-6m
  • Adamant ore: 10-15k
  • Adamant bar: 10-15k
  • Anglerfish: 5-10k each
  • Abyssal whip: 10-15m
  • Abyssal bludgeon: 150m-200m
  • Abyssal dagger: 25-40m
  • Archers ring: 5-10m
  • Archers ring(i): 30-40m
  • Ancient wyvern shield: 50-70m
  • Avernic defender hilt: 250-300m
  • Arcane prayer scroll: 80-120m
  • Ancestral hat: 125-160m
  • Ancestral robe top: 150-200m
  • Ancestral robe bottom: 150-200m
  • Arcane spirit shield: 400m-500m
  • Ankou(all pieces): 40m ea
  • Amulet of the damned: 20-30m


B :

  • Bandos godsword: 30-50m
  • Bandos tassets: 50-70m
  • Bandos boots: 500k-1m
  • Bandos chestplate: 50-70m
  • Bandos godsword Hilt: 40-60m
  • Baby dragon bones: 15-20k each
  • Brimstone ring: 25-30m
  • Berserker ring: 10-12m
  • Berserker ring(i): 30-40m
  • Black mask: 3-5m
  • Black chinchompa: 20-25k each
  • Black party hat: 1b
  • Black Santa hat: 350-500m
  • Blade of saeldor: 700m-1b


C :

  • Craw's bow: 40-60m
  • Crystal key: 500-800k
  • Casket(pvm): 500k
  • Christmas cracker: 500m
  • Crystal bow: 1-2m
  • Crystal shield: 1-2m
  • Crystal halberd: 10m
  • Crystal platebody: 15-20m
  • Crystal helm: 15-20m
  • Crystal platelegs: 15-20m
  • Corrupted helm(perfected): 25-30m
  • Corrupted platebody(perfected): 30m-50m
  • Corrupted platelegs(perfected): 30m-50m


D :

  • Dinh's bulwark: TBD
  • Dragon bones: 30-40k each
  • Dragon crossbow: 10-15m
  • Dragon darts: 20-30k each
  • Dragon arrows: 10-20k each
  • Dragon sword: 10m
  • Dragon axe: 1-3m
  • Dragon pickaxe: 5-10m
  • Dragon platebody: TBD
  • Dragon kiteshield: TBD
  • Dragon boots: 600k-1m
  • Dragon warhammer: 70-90m
  • Dragon claws: 110-120m
  • Dragonfire shield: 40-50m
  • Draconic visage: 40-50m
  • Dragon hunter lance: 150-180m
  • Dragon hunter crossbow: 110m-130m
  • Dharok's helmet: 4-7m
  • Dharok's platebody: 4-7m
  • Dharok's platelegs: 4-7m
  • Dharok's axe: 4-7m
  • Dark crab: 3-6k each
  • Dark bow: 1-3m
  • Dark light: 3-5m
  • Dexterous prayer scroll: 100-125m
  • Dagannoth bones: 25-40k
  • Dagon'hai hat: TBD
  • Dagon'hai robe top: TBD
  • Dagon'hai robe bottom: TBD
  • Dragon crossbow: 10-15m


E :

  • Eternal Boots: 40-60m
  • Elder maul: 100-125m
  • Elysian spirit shield: 700m
  • Eldritch orb: 100m-200m

F :

  • FoE Points: 4k


G :

  • Godsword Shard 1: 1-3m
  • Godsword Shard 2: 1-3m
  • Godsword Shard 3: 1-3m
  • Guthan's helmet: 3-7m
  • Guthan's platebody: 3-7m
  • Guthan's chainskirt: 3-7m
  • Guthan's warspear: 3-7m
  • Ghrazi rapier: 300-400m


H :

  • Heavy ballista: 30-60m
  • Hydra bones: 50-60k
  • H'ween mask(all types): 300-500m
  • Harmonised orb: 300-400m


I :

  • Inquisitor's great helm: 600m
  • Inquisitor's hauberk: 600m
  • Inquisitor's plate skirt: 600m
  • inquisitor's mace: 600m
  • Imbued heart: 20-40m
  • Imbue dust: 25m


J :

  • Justiciar faceguard: 150-200m
  • Justuciar chestguard: 150-200m
  • Justiciar laggard: 150-200m


K :

  • Kraken tentacle: 15-20m
  • Kodai wand: 100-130m


L :



M :

  • Master wand: 5-10m
  • Mage's book: 3-5m
  • Magma helm: 40-50m
  • Mummy(all pieces): 40m
  • Magic logs: 2.5-5k
  • Mystery box: 40m
  • Malediction ward: 40m
  • Morrigan's coif: TBD
  • Morrigan's leather body: TBD
  • Morrigan's leather chaps: TBD


N :

  • Necklace of anguish: 50-60m
  • Neitiznot faceguard: 40-50m
  • Nightmare staff: 600m


O :

  • Ornament kits(all types): 10-20m
  • Onyx stone(cut/uncut): 7-11m
  • Occult necklace: 25-35m
  • Odium ward: 40m


P :

  • Primordial boots: 80-100m
  • Pegasian boots: 80-100m
  • Party hats(all types): 400-700m


Q :



R :

  • Ranger tunic: 5-10m
  • Ranger boots: 10-15m
  • Robin hat: 15-20m
  • Ring of wealth: 10-20m
  • Ring of wealth(i): 380-400m
  • Ring of suffering: 20-30m
  • Rune darts: 500-1000 each
  • Runite ore: 20-25k
  • Runite bar: 20-25
  • Red chinchompa: 10-15k each


S :

  • Saradomin sword: 20-30m
  • Saradomin tear: 20-30m
  • Blessed Saradomin sword: 40-60m
  • Saradomin godsword: 70-80m
  • Saradomin godsword hilt: 60-70m
  • Superior dragon bones: 40-60k
  • Super combat potion(4): 50-100k
  • Seers ring: 5-10m
  • Seers ring(i): 20-25m
  • Staff of the dead: 40-60m
  • Serpentine helm: 35-50m
  • Spectral spirit shield: 300-500m
  • Santa hat: 250-350m
  • Sled: 400m+
  • Scythe: 200m+
  • Super mystery box: 120m
  • Scythe of Vitur: TBD
  • Statius' full helm: TBD
  • Statius' platebody: TBD
  • Statius' platelegs: TBD
  • Statius' Warhammer: TBD


T :

  • Toxic Blowpipe: 225-250m
  • Toxic Staff of The Dead: 60-80m
  • Trident of The Seas: 10-20m
  • Trident of The Swamp: 30-40m
  • Torag's helmet: 2-5m
  • Torag's platebody: 2-5m
  • Torag's platelegs: 2-5m
  • Torag's hammers: 2-5m
  • Thammaron's staff: 10-20m
  • Twisted bow: 2.5b+
  • Twisted buckler: 40-60m
  • Tanzanite helm: 40-50m
  • Tormented bracelet: 30-50m:
  • Treasonous ring(i): 30-40m
  • Tyrannical ring(i): 30-40m


U :

  • Ultra mystery box: 400m


V :

  • Verac's helmet: 3-5m
  • Verac's brassard: 3-5m
  • Verac's skirt: 3-5m
  • Verac's flail: 3-5m
  • Viggora's mace: 20-40m
  • Vote crystal: 800k-1m
  • Vote chest key: 40m
  • Volatile orb: 400-500m
  • Vesta's chainbody: TBD
  • Vesta's plateskirt: TBD
  • Vesta's spear: TBD
  • Vesta's longsword: TBD


W :

  • Wyvern Bones: 40k
  • Warriors ring: 3-5m
  • Warriors ring(i): 18-20m


X :



Y :



Z :

  • Zamorakian Spear: 10-15m
  • Zamorak Godsword: 40-50m
  • Zamorak Godsword Hilt: 30-40m
  • Zulrah Scales: 2-3k each
  • Zuriel's hood: TBD
  • Zuriel's robe top: TBD
  • Zuriel's robe bottom: TBD





If an item is missing or a current item needs a price change, reply or PM and it will be changed if needed.


Edited by Boca
Several prices added/updated
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On 6/2/2020 at 3:11 PM, Gilbert said:

i think it should be lower than 4k, because 100k = row i (400m) and even row i is dropping in price


On 6/2/2020 at 7:17 AM, plsnoim4 said:

With the prices of most pets being reduced I think FoE points should range from 6-8k per point.

Still a base price and it's based on the price of Row(i), I suppose it could be lowered soon.

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Okay i can see why you would base the price of the row (i) similarly to how vote points are 1m ea because scroll is ~375m-400mish. But in the voting shop the wealth scroll is the only real account-building worth while purchase where as the FoE shop has multiple different worth while purchases apart from the wealth scroll so that's why I think it should be higher.  

also, I think the price of dragon darts should be increased, i think in a perfect world the prices listed here would be accurate but there is just really no efficient way to farm ddarts, so i think until there is a better way their price should be based on their rarity. These are both just suggestions and my 2 cents! 

you've done a wonderful job with the guide! I know everyone really appreciates you! 

Edited by plsnoim4
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