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HEY! Fellow Xeroians! We'd like to introduce the following forums events! That will last until the end of September please read and follow the guidelines on how to win and enter! any questions please ask a friendly staff member! 

If you Enjoy these kind of events let us know! we're trying to make everything fun and interesting for the community!



Guides event is players making guides via the forums, More detail the better! Each guide you will receive a mystery box from Myself or Noah.

Rules: The guide must be genuine and contain steps (any troll posts will be deleted).

 players can't copy & paste other players guides (you can re-create a guide)

All guides must be posted in correct category.


(Best guide may receive a Special reward)



Fashion contest! says it all, Winner will receive a $25 scroll, depending on entries might be
2nd and 3rd place rewards which will also include donator scrolls!

Rules:  Only ONE entry per person (choose wisely) 

 1 like = 1 vote Be sure to like! (players can't vote for themselves)

Players must not ask for votes. anyone caught will be disqualified!

Please follow the the link, and use the correct format : https://www.xeros.io/index.php?/topic/196-fashion-contest/



Top Poster! To liven up the forums the top 3 posters of the rest of September will receive a prize! 

Make those goals & achievements, welcome yourself onto the forums! comment on other posts! 
1st: $50 Scroll
2nd: $25 Scroll
3rd: $10 Scroll

Rules: No spamming ONE word replies or comments. 

ALL comments must be genuine.

 Forums rules apply. 



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Huge shout out to Noah and other staff for hosting this event.

Another HUGE shoutout to anyone and everyone that partook in livening up the forums!
Don't forget to keep posting anything in appropriate sub-forums and keep the forums active!

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