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New Launchers are out! Delete your old ones and download the new from:

New Launchers are out! Delete your old ones and download the new from:

Fashion Contest!

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Xeroians! Fashion contest is here again! We're all excited to see some unique styles and themes!

 Before posting please read : https://www.xeros.io/index.php?/topic/195-forums-event-september/

Only Fashion Contest Entries are to be commented below, any other comments will be deleted. Please follow the Format Provided.

Below is An example.



IGN: Australia

Theme: Community event

why?: I've chosen this picture because it was our first fashionscape event on Xeros!


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Image: fashion.PNG.00e493b0852348cde3aa169e66fce1d7.PNG


IGN: Kryddersvend

Theme: Skilling outfit / chill 🙂 

Why?: I found this outfit awesome. I have been trying out all my skillcapes (maxed), with different armour in my bank, couldnt find anything better than this, and I like it! 😉

Info: The outfit is, abby slayer helm, fury, slayer cape, dust battlestaff, black platebody (t), black platelegs (t), unholy book (zammy), primordial boots and barrows gloves 😄 

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IGN: Woadz

Theme: The Infernal Tale of Fate & Fashion!


BEHOLD.... what lies below the lava filled cracks of the Tz-tunnels. A damned hole long as the earths molten core. For you fall what seems forever following your leap...A quick approaching platform breaks your fall before the peril of molten combustion... you awake Dazed... but ok. Your pack has made it with you. Limited supplies and the skills of your own technique. At that sudden moment you know you've made it to the beginning of the end. Fight Fiercely!

 I Woadz, donator of status, max of all stats, death bringer to all monsters whom roam, and haunt my hailing kingdom of Xeros. Have tortured myself for a total of 7 grueling hours. sessions of failed attempts whilst ZUK near his death. I was tried, I was judged, and I measured out to be The lost slayer of ZUK! As my final dart pierced through his critical.  After several smitten hours of battle ZUK The M.O.A.B. fell slain into the bed of molten magma that of which he was forged... some say him to be slain, others spread mystics of a NEW adventurer bold as ever, young, in it for the thrill! little do they know...They're Plotting what could only be the RESPAWNING of ZUK!!!!

---a one of a kind fabled story by Woadz. enjoy! and ty for your time!!!


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IGN: Zoo

Theme: The Death Mistress of Kebos

Why?: She's coming for the bones of the Great Olm.... she must craft them into the sacred twisted bow to harvest the souls of the lost. She, herself, was a rice farmer from outside gielinor, her soul was tainted by the ghasts and ghouls within the swampy lowlands from which she came. 


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