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In-Depth Mining Guide

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Starting off

Mining is an easy, but lengthy skill to train.
When training Mining, you are using a Pickaxe to mine raw material (rocks) in order to smelt it into valuable bars
These materials do become beneficial when training the Smithing skill
In-depth Smithing Guide found here: https://www.xeros.io/index.php?/topic/222-in-depth-smithing-guide/

How do I start Mining?

The easiest, and most convenient place to start is at the ::skill teleport.
You can also get there by using the Teleport Interface > Skilling > Skilling Island 


The Skilling Island houses all rocks necessary to mine all the way up to 99, except the exclusion of Amethyst which can be mined at 92.

Once you get to Skilling Island, it is advised to go to the Hut area, just North of the teleport location.
Once at the Hut, trade the Shop Keeper, to purchase different tier pickaxes


Bronze - level 1
1gp each
Iron - level 1
140gp each
Steel - level 6
500gp each
Mithril - level 21
1,300gp each
Adamant - level 31
3,200gp each
Rune - level 41
32,000gp each

To note, there are Dragon Pickaxes in game, and require level 61.
They are obtained either through the Wilderness Bosses, purchased from other Players, or different types of boxes around the game.

How do I train Mining?

Once you’ve got your pickaxes, and are ready to start training, you’ll want to head to the Southwest corner of the Island, where Copper, Tin, Iron and Gold are located.
There is also a Deposit Box here for easy banking


Once you’ve reached the appropriate level to advance to higher tier ore, you’ll want to head to the Northwest section of the island, where you can find the higher tier rocks at. These namely being Coal, Mithril, Adamant, and Rune, as well as Gem Rocks.
Use the bank in the hut for convenient banking


Levels required for each ore are as follow;
Copper - level 1

Tin - level 1
Iron - level 10
Coal - level 30
Gold - level 40
Gem rocks - level 40
Mith - level 55
Adamant - level 70
Rune - level 85

When training Mining, it is advised to mine the highest level ore available, and mining coal when necessary to train the Smithing skill.
It’s also advised to bank ANY and ALL ores you obtain to help with the Smithing skill

How do I access Amethyst?
To access the Amethyst mines, you’ll want to speak to Gadrin. He can be found at ::skill wandering around the Mining area


Once you speak to him, he will teleport you to the Amethyst Mines.
Once at the Amethyst mines, you’ll go south into the Alcove where the rocks can be mined.


Donator Area Mining

If you are lucky enough to be a Donator, you can use the ::dz teleport to get to the Donator Island.
There, you have access to more high tier rocks, with a closer bank.



Achievements for Mining
After a certain amount of trees rocks mined, you gain a reward, that includes the outfit pieces.
When using the Prospector outfit, each piece gives 1% Bonus XP on top of Base XP.

Easy, Mining Task I
Mine 1,000 Rocks
100K GP, Prospector Helmet, Prospector Boots

Medium, Intermediate Miner
Mine 2,500 Rocks
400K GP, Prospector Legs

Hard, Expert Miner
Mine 5,000 Rocks
2,500K GP, Prospector Jacket



After you have obtained level 99 Mining, you can use the ::maxisland teleport to purchase the cape from the Wise Old Man


If you feel there is any wrong information, or anything that I have missed in this guide, feel free to reach out to me via Forums, on Discord, or in-game so I can review and correct the information

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