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Halloween Weekend Events

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SPOOOKY ello fellow Xerorians today we the staff team bring you the weekend of events for Halloween!! exciting prizes and events to happen across the whole weekend Friday 30th - Sunday 1st server time. 

The following events will be held across the whole weekend 

  • Hide & Seeks
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Trivia
  • Spam trade event
  • HP event - come kill Noah for some sweet lootations.
  • Dicing and flower poker events. 
  • Two Kronos seeds planted daily, and randomly filling the well throughout the Weekend.



YOU could win following rewards dug up from the graves of our Ancestors.

image.png.017a5331fe54b378287442e72426089f.png  image.png.4315937d55c31ec0fbd4268ab37ca92d.png



Get your paws on these Limited items! 2 Sets of banshee and grave digger, 5 Zombie heads

                 BANSHEE              GRAVE DIGGER       

        image.png.1cbbf73d14318d3bfd6b9e16a9685c48.png        image.png.624f81ade524dbc3b8b293ab216bc572.png




All events will be announced on discord, Join our discord via ::discord in-game more miscellaneous rewards will be added for giveaways.



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