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Theatre of Blood

This end game content you can access by minigame teleport Theatre of Blood



You can create party up to 5 players




You need all styles (melee, ranged and magic)

Melee weapon: Scythe of Vitur > Blade of saeldor > Ghrazi rapier > Abyssal tentacle > Abyssal whip

Ranged weapon: Twisted bow (best arrows you can use) > Toxic blowpipe (best darts you can use)

Magic weapon:  Sanguinesti staff > Trident of the swamp > Trident of the seas > Kodai want (barrage spell) > Any staff staff avaiable to cast ancient spell 

Special attack weapon: Statius warhammer > Dragon warhammer > Bandos godsword > Crystal halbert (better use weapons which lowers defense/stats)

Shield slot: Avernic defender > Dragon defender > Any shield

Armor: Best in slot for all styles > Corrupted armor > Elite Void (probably same dps as corrupted armor but corrupted armor has much better def stats)

Ring slot: Brimstone ring (hybrid stats) > Dagganoth's rings (imbued) > Dagganoth's rings

Neck slot: Necklace of anguish+Amulet of torture+Occult necklace > Amulet of fury

Gloves slot: Ferocious+Barrows gloves > Barrows gloves/void gloves

Boots slot: Primordial boots+Pegasian boots+Eternal boots> Dragon boots+Ranger boots+Infinity boots


1-2 overloads (depends on party size)

2-4 restores (depends on party size)

Salve amulet (ei) > Salve amulet (e) > Salve amulet

Rune pouch (runes for veng/runes for ice barrage) - take both when you have max cape (you can swap magic book when you operate max cape

Rest of inventory brews

Chest with supplies


After you defeat boss you earn 4 points (6 when you dealt the most damage to boss) which you can spend in chest for supplies

Supply chest is almost before every boss room

You can earn 24-36 points for one completion

Hint: Spending points doesn't affect your drop rate (take rather more supplies from chest then die for no supplies)


Boss's stats and hp doesn't scale on number of players

More often you hit bosses then they more often hit you (for example when you use blowpipe you will tank more hits then player who use whip)

HintWhen you are low hp just off your attack and heal up

AdvancedBoss room phase starts when you enter to room (enter to room with your party together)

AdvancedUse overload before you enter to next boss room (entering every room your stats hp, pray, special attack will be restore)

The Maiden of Sugadinti


Preferred style: Ranged/Melee

Protect: Magic

Special attack: Spawns bloods randomly under players (when you will see bloods under you just move few squars)

Special attack max hit:  15+


Pestilent Bloat


Preferred style: Melee

Protect: None

Moving phase: You can't attack him while he is moving

Sleeping phase: You can attack him while he is moving

Freeze: After first sleep phase you can ice barrage him and he wont move around room (but still have moving/sleeping phase). Freeze helps for better dps

Without freeze: You have to move around room (always stay opposite side of room while he is in moving phase)

Salve: You can use salve amulet for better dps (he is undead) 

Moving phase max hit:  65+

AdvancedAfter freeze you can do one extra hit when he starts to move

Nylocas Vasilias

This boss has three phase which are in cycle. Phases cycle in this order grey -> blue -> green

When you use wrong style it reflects 100% damage you deal to him back to you (be carefull especially you use high dps weapon)

Hint:  Use vengeance spell (lunar spell book)

Advanced:  Every phase is 36-40+ ticks long

Grey phase


Style: Melee

Protect: Melee

Blue phase


Style: Magic

Protect: Magic

Green phase


Style: Ranged

Protect: Ranged



Preferred style: Ranged/Melee

Protect: Magic

Special attack max hit: 60+

Hint:  Use vengeance spell (lunar spell book)




Preferred style: Ranged/Melee

Protect: None

Special attack: Spawns poison under you (when you will see poison under you just move one square)

Special attack max hit:  15+


Hint:  When he will looking at you there is high chance he will spawn poison under you

Advanced: Split room size in number of players prevents you taking damage (don't move chaotically)

Verzik Vitur

Final boss has 2 phases

Phase 1



Preferred style: Ranged/Melee

Protect: None

Special attack: Spawns tornado under you (just hit and move square next to you)

Special attack max hit:  65+


HintYou can hit once (when you are using blowpipe more) and then you have to move. But you don't have to move around whole room. Just hit then move 1 square of any way, move back and hit again.

Advanced: Split room size in number of players prevents you taking damage (tornados from other player deals damage to you too)

Phase 2


Preferred style: Ranged/Melee

Protect: Magic

Special attack: Spawns yellow holes, you have to stand on holes otherwise you will take high hit

Special attack max hit:  65+


Basic attack max hit:  15+

Hint:  Use vengeance spell (lunar spell book)


For every completed ToB you get 2-5m gp

You have also 1/200 chance for pet



2-3 rolls:  herbs, rune items and gp


You have 1/9 chance for rare roll (chance is 2x boosted while kronos seed is planted). Only one player from party can get rare per raid.

For every team death drop rate for rare decrease

When you hit rare chest has purple color

Player with the most points has little bigger chance for get purple when your team hit rare


After roll you have chance for these rewards

Avernic defender - 8/19

Justiciar faceguard - 2/19

Justiciar chestguard - 2/19

Justiciar legguards - 2/19

Sanguinesti staff - 2/19

Ghrazi rapier - 2/19

Scythe of vitur - 1/19


Good luck for drops !!!

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