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Base Ironman Guide


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First off, select which game mode you would like to play. Ironman and Hardcore Ironman share the same base XP rate of 250x whereas Rogue Hardcore Ironman has an XP rate of 5x with an increased drop rate of 7%. This guide will cater towards both hardcore and normal mode irons and will indicate dangerous activities for people who choose to play hardcore.

The best thing to do when you first create an account is to vote, this both helps the server, and provides you with some early game GP as well as vote points which long-term will benefit your account. To do this type ::vote in game, enter your username and vote for the two servers. You can vote every 12 hours. Type ::voted in-game to claim your reward. Another thing to make sure to do is claim your daily reward by doing ::dailyreward whilst at home, or speaking to the Daily-reward wizard north of the home teleport. At 500 total level you can also claim a referral gift at home by speaking to the Referral Tutor and letting the developers and staff know how you found out about the server.

Early Game

Moving on now to the gameplay section of the guide, and where the grind really begins (especially if you chose to play rogue).

The best skill to start off with is thieving, not only does this provide you with some starting gp, it will also let you access a rune pickaxe early on in your account. To stat thieving go to the stalls behind the bank at home. The levelling process is as follows : 

  • Baker's Stall 1-25
  • Silk Stall 25-50
  • Silver Stall 50-65
  • Fur Stall 65-80
  • Hero (located in Ardougne) 80-85/99
  • Drunken Dwarf (for rune pickaxe and low chance at cannonball mould) 85-99

After this I would buy the thieving cape from ::maxisland because the stats it give will be beneficial until you get your fire cape. From this point onwards I recommend working towards the quest requirements (35 agility and a decent range level to kill some mobs, I recommend ::train for this). I personally used the video on ::topic 274 for this. Use the experience lamps that this quest gives to work towards the hespori requirements. You can view these by doing ::hespori in game. I would recommend putting the lamps into Farming and runecrafting. Spare lamps you can use in any skill really but prayer,herblore,hunter (by using the lamp on the hunter expert at the skilling teleport) and slayer would be advised to skip the early game levels. Do hespori and Outlast tournament events when they are on as they give good rewards both long and short-term. You can continue to level up your combat skills at ::train until you feel comfortable starting slayer tasks.

*Feel free to incorporate any afk skilling or skilling grinds whenever you get bored of the PVM side of things.

Mid Game

Slayer is a good money maker when you reach 75 and gain access to crystal tasks. They cost 1m per task from the elf tracker at ::slayer but this pays for itself in alchs from the task. A map for these can be found at ::crystal and I would highly recommend using a cannon here and having protect melee. You can recharge prayer at home and teleport back to not waste prayer potions. A cannon can be bought from the Ironman shop at home for 20m. You can easily obtain this from voting and doing well in outlast tournaments. Another alternative would be from barrows which is the next step for the account.  Here we want to focus on killing Karil the Tainted. Any piece is useful as you can FoE, alch or sell duplicates but we are mainly hunting for Karil's crossbow and bolt racks. This is a strong mid-game weapon until you obtain a magic shortbow(i). Ahrim is also good to kill early for runes to use or sell. You can also skip barrows for now and work on getting a magic shortbow(i). The best way to get this is mining gem rocks for hard clues and opening those. The imbue scroll itself is obtained from killing dark warrior's in the wilderness. I personally did this on my hardcore but this can be DANGEROUS.

Once you have had enough at barrows, I would work on getting 85 slayer for a whip and 87 slayer for a trident, this can be done before or after the next step. I would suggest heading over to Pest Control whenever people are playing or a +5 event is on, elite void will most likely be used for the remainder of your account in some degree. It's also a good requirement to tick off for future Zulrah and raids content. After you have your void and barrows pieces there is a lot of variety in what you can choose to do. You should take your void and trident or barrage (Ahrim's staff is useful here if you manage to get one) and kill Dagganoth rex for a berserker ring, you can also kill the others if you would like for their respective rings. At this point you can also go ahead and grab your fire cape.

Late Game

The main things to focus on now are working on 1750 total level for Ironman modes and 750 for rogue ironman to unlock raids. This is worth doing whenever masses or groups are happening (especially during 2x raids key events). A basic guide for this can be found on ::topic 99 and this is a SAFE death. Kills are fast and unlocking some of the key items and prayers is vital for the account. Zulrah is another boss you can start to tackle, ::topic 345 is a useful guide on the Zulrah rotation, after every kill you can teleport home, restore box, and teleport back, using no supplies per kill. Here you are hunting for the elusive blowpipe, which is also very good for raids and most other content. I would suggest continuing to do slayer and work on hard slayer tasks to get black demon tasks. Demonic gorillas and zenyte jewellery is nice to have before the Zulrah grind. I personally made the ring of suffering and anguish before camping Zulrah. It goes without saying, everything now is considered DANGEROUS outside of Chambers of Xeric.

After achieving the blowpipe, you want to slowly work on max (if that is a goal of yours), boss collection logs and upgrades such as Hunllef, GWD, DWH from Shamans,Theatre of Blood and eventually boss slayer tasks like Cerberus, Alchemical Hydra and Vorkath. Note that these slayer tasks can be DANGEROUS content if you don't know what you are doing. Hunllef is also included in this. Any dupes you get you will want to burn for FoE and spend on the pets such as K'klik and a ring of wealth scroll (if you don't come across it by other means), eventually working your way up to Kratos and the dark variants.

*Disclaimer  This guide is only my opinion and my path,you may have different goals for your account. Long-term goals that I personally have are to max, get some 200m's, complete a lot of the collection log where possible and aim for all achievements and diaries completed. Happy grinding!

----- Maxing route -----

Combat Skills

  • Attack
  • Strength
  • Defence
  • Ranged
  • Prayer
  • Magic
  • Hitpoints

All of these should be done through general PVM and Slayer. Prayer can be done through Zulrah dragon bone drops.

Other Skills - 

  • Runecrafting - Highest level rune you can do at the abyss
  • Crafting -  Gems from gem mining at 99 mining, dragonhide armour from Culrah drops
  • Mining - Tin or copper to 15 , Iron to 92/99 *Amethyst from 92-99 (Gem rocks post 99 for onyx / crafting xp)
  • Smithing - Ore and bars mainly from PVM and slayer, Make dart tips with rune and highest bar usage with lower level bars.
  • Fishing - Shrimp to 20, fly fishing trout + salmon to 40, lobster to 62, monkfish to 82/99 or shark 76-99, non hardcores and donators can catch anglers from 82-99
  • Cooking - Highest level fish you can cook, from fishing or PVM drops Zulrah etc.
  • Woodcutting - Normal tree to 15, oak to 30, willow to 45/60 or maple from 45 to 60, yew to 75, magic to 99 (can also do redwood at 90 but i preferred magic)
  • Firemaking - Same level margins as woodcutting for the respective log
  • Agility - Gnome course to 35, barb course to 40, canifis to 60, seers to 90, ardy to 99 - non hardcores can do wildy at 62 - rogue accounts may want to do highest rooftop they can (starting draynor at 10)
  • Herblore - Any pots you have the herbs for, secondaries can be found from PVM drops and hellhounds at catacombs
  • Thieving - See first section of guide
  • Fletching - Arrow shafts + headless arrows to 20, oak shortbow to 25, longbow to 35, willow shortbow to 40, longbow to 50, maple shortbow to 55, longbow to 65, yew shortbow to 70, longbow to 80, magic shortbow to 85, longbow to 90 - 90+ from darts made via smithing and amethyst arrows 
  • Slayer - Task difficulty depending on slayer level, crystal slayer at 70, boss tasks open up at 95
  • Farming - Highest level herb you can do and watermelons, seeds from PVM and master farmer with thieving skillcape equipped
  • Hunter - Ideally lamp, otherwise crimson swift to 19, tropical wagtails to 53, grey chins to 63, red chins to 73/99, black chins to 99 if you are non-hardcore or a donator

- Pictures courtesy of Baba Yaga -





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