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Harder PVM Bosses


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Short thread however I am really really enjoying my time on Xeros. There are a few things thats still obviously broken / things that are needed however will be addressed in different suggestion threads. 


This thread: Harder bosses. Right now 95% of "Bosses" are Afkable and you only really need 1 prayer on constantly to kill it. I'm not saying make them all as hard as CM TOB however it's just too easy right now. 
My suggestion include some examples: 

1: Fully Working ChamberS + TOB. This means all the mechanics from 07 / other RSPS. It doesn't have to be 1:1 but something better than a 5 min raid. I feel like this feeling of "EZ SCAPE" is too much, some players want a challenge, to be able to obtain these items they can't on OSRS and do these bosses they can't on 07 but still with similar skill req. You can still keep the "EZ" version however change drop tables and loot for the harder / full versions. this makes it way more rewarding and long term. 

2: Re-working Vorkath, GWD , Hunleff and many more bosses. - Again, these bosses are literally AFKABLE, theirs no "Grind" aspect or incentive to grind this boss. Perhaps look at a fully working Gauntlett rather than just the boss, Making Vorkath have the mage flame that requires you to move and walk around it. Things like these would make the game more hands on and gives the "Grind" aspect. 

3: Prices of items and changes to FOE. Right now; No PVM item has value. The only value it holds is the "discard price" which is determined via the FOE points it receives from burning. Ancestral , Bandos, ACB all these items are worthless. Theirs literally less than 5 on the TP. These are BIS / High BIS for pvm yet they hold little to no real value. I personally feel like if the eco is to survive longevity and long term, this really does need to be thought over and taken into a lot of consideration , rather than just dismissing it on the basis that "FOE will hold value". 

Right now someone could max gear and endgame their iron man/normie in 1-2 months easily with afkable grinding. This to me is worrying and doesn't show or suggest any longevity or reward for bossing / pvming. The only "Rare" items are the FOE pets. Tbow and Scythes hold little value as there are many ingame. Tbow/Scythe should be a luxury item where people have to grind 250+ HARD raids to achieve or pay an absurd amount.


**This is just my opinion and my suggestions. No hate to Noah or any of the server, I really do enjoy this server hence why I'm taking my time to try suggest new things to help the server long term**



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Guest Twisted Mad

Would be nice, only issue I don't like is all those people who got those items during EZ-Scape already and now we gotta grind harder content. 

If you do this it would be nice to have every start from 0 to grind this content again then.

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Would be nice to see bosses become harder for sure  🙂 and stuff actually scaled like osrs, but it is nice that the farming room is skipped/prep so no ice demon, no thieving, no crabs, and for tob no nylo waves is pretty nice

Making bosses require more skill would help promote more pvm clans too I hope

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While I definitely agree that there needs to be more content catered towards players who want a PVM challenge i.e Challenge mode raids or challenge mode bosses that are incentivized with better rates or unique rewards i.e metamorphoic dust from OSRS, I think we need to understand that

  • Not all players are late-game or will ever get there because of their real lifes.
    • Someone who can only play for 2 - 3 hours every night is not going to have max-gear and be at end-game within a month or two, they probably won't even be maxed skills. And that's assuming they can play every night, a lot of people have commitments that mean they can't game every night.
  • Not all players can do hard content like in OSRS because of ping.
    • There are multiple worlds in most regions on OSRS that allow us to play on a max of 60 ping to do this content. There is only one world on Xeros and presumably one server location. Right now in the afternoon in Australia, there are 370 players online, assuming say 150 of those are actually in Australia, all of us would be playing on 200 - 300+ ping depending on the server location and this is while it's not lagging and stable.
    • When the server is unstable and lagging, it can be hard to even tick the Cerberus ghosts, let alone do things with lots of movements and actions like pray flicking a proper inferno or running an Olm head. What are players like myself or players in regions far away from the servers supposed to do for content based on skill which is heavily influenced by ping, where Xeros doesn't have the playerbase or luxury to offer multiple worlds and servers?
  • Not all players want things like OSRS, we're playing a private server after all. A lot of players that go out of their way to join and play an RSPS is because they aren't happy with standard OSRS. You play an RSPS because it is different, it is easier, it has unique items or ways of doing things.
    • I'm someone that's maxed on OSRS, that has an infernal, max gear and so on and I still quit because it was boring late-game and I had done the content to death. If the most important aspect of Xeros, the PVM, started to mimic the gameplay or difficulty of OSRS, why would I stay on Xeros when I and everyone else could just play OSRS instead?
      • And even if we did increase difficulty or mimic OSRS and scale things 1:1 - why would that change anything? OSRS suffers from the same thing, they are suffering from a lack of new content for late-game. And a lot of late-game players quit and come back for Leagues or new content cycles, or they make alt accounts to Dolo or do other game modes. They even have a robust amount of PVM challenges now and it still doesn't change things for late-game players.
        • Say we did increase the difficulty for everything and scale things more like OSRS, I'd suspect after a month or two we'd be in the same position where late-game players are bored of the content.
  • For me personally, I kind of like the AFK / Arcade style nature and things being easy.
    • I wouldn't mind the option to do challenges, and I understand that a lot of content right now is just doing something easy over and over again until you get the item you want - but that's literally the core of RuneScape. Doing something over and over again, same clicks, same everything till you achieve what you want then move on to the next piece of content.

Anyway TL;DR I agree with you that there needs to be more for late-game players but I don't know if this is the solution that's best for the server.

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18 hours ago, Guest Twisted Mad said:

Would be nice, only issue I don't like is all those people who got those items during EZ-Scape already and now we gotta grind harder content. 

If you do this it would be nice to have every start from 0 to grind this content again then.

Server only rereleased it wouldn’t go down well to reset everyone again

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