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Xeros Update Log September 29, 2021 - Combat System Upgrade, Inferno, Pathing, Improvements, and More!


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Combat Bugs and Improvements

Note: Combat may feel very different after this update. The staff team has tested as much as we could, however, some areas may still need refinement. We will be actively listening to all feedback from players and will be ready to apply fixes/changes wherever needed. Overall this is a step forward for Xeros.

  • Rewrote the PvM and PvP combat systems to create a better balance in-game between combat types and how NPCS interact with players, including accuracy in combat situations.
  • Fixed NPCs attacking through walls when they initially spawn, this was particularly a big issue during inferno.
  • Implemented NPC stacking system that should work much better than the current system and follow OSRS mechanics.
  • Fixed Nightmare staff only casting with runes.
  • Fixed bug with Eldritch staff (now has correct spec + damage).
  • Added many missing combat stats for npcs which should help balance out the combat triangle against some npcs.
  • Improved pathing for players and npcs.
  • Implemented all Range weapon attack distances.
  • The delays when combo eating during combat will now work much better.

Group Ironman

  • Staff now have the ability to kick GIM players that become inactive at the start (case by case basis) of the group, but no items will be returned to the group from the kicked player.
  • GIM players can now convert to standard mode (non-ironman) after leaving your group if you haven’t set yourself into permanent mode.
  • Normal Ironman players can now convert to GIM, but it’s a permanent change (you can also change from any other Ironman mode to regular Ironman mode and then to GIM).
  • GIM now has access to a log of all items that are withdrawn from the group bank and dropped on the floor (provided the item has FOE value or is worth at least 50k coins).
  • When leaving your group all items with FOE value (and coins over 100k) are deposited into the GIM bank (if space is available, otherwise you won’t be able to leave the group). Your group can still decide to drop trade items to the person leaving, if they feel they deserve it.

Vote Panel

  • Your Vote Panel streak will no longer reset if you miss a consecutive voting day. This change was made because vote sites have been unreliable in their ability to work correctly making the user miss their voting day.
  • With the recent voting issues we will be giving a 4 vote streak on login to all already existing players, only on their 1st time back.
  • Rewrote ::voted to improve it and to fix issues related to not receiving your vote.

FoE Pets

  • Having the Klik or Roc pets (including their dark versions) in your inventory, will now give you their DR boost if it is greater then the current pet you have following you, but will not stack with other foe pet drop rates. This allows people to use pets like Kratos, while still getting the drop rate from the Roc pet in your inventory. This update is more QOL rather than integrity since people could easily swap pets before at the end of kills.

Tome of Fire

  • Complete tome of fire overhaul
  • Old tome of fire pages convert to pages and charges with new system
  • Tome of fire will now light up fire runes in your mage book.
  • Tome of fire will now act as an infinite rune source.


  • Fix Inferno Pausing mechanic.
  • Fix Inferno Ancient Glyph mechanic.
  • Fix inferno attacking through pillar glitch.


  • You can now purchase as many kittens as you want to attempt to fill your collection log up at the cost of 10m each kitten.
  • Added more HP to the Wildy Event Bosses.
  • Overall improved networking, which should give a smoother feel in some areas of the game.
  • Hespori will now scale damage done by players based on the amount of players within the Hespori Area.
  • Added lock picking to magic axe hut.
  • Added escape key to bound tab similar to how you can use f keys to open tabs.
  • Added amulet of Accuracy to the range supplies store.
  • Implemented random outfit generator for new players.
  • Added CC chat timer (1.5 second delay) to prevent spam.
  • If 2 players have each other on their friends list,  the censor filter will not apply.


Future of Xeros

From now on, every update log we put out, we will give a "Future of Xeros" segment letting you know what is currently already being worked on/a high priority. We hope this gives everyone some more clarity on where the game is going and what you can expect in the future! However, if you don't see something on this list, that doesn't mean its not being worked on. As always, things can change and shift our priorities in a different direction. Here is a list of some of our highest priorities at the moment, and what you can expect rather soon:

  • New OSRS items and features.
  • Timed instance system allowing your to create parties and join others, at a cost.
  • Bow of faerdhinen, with a new boss.
  • Theatre of Blood and Chambers of Xerics Hard modes, featuring close mechanics to OSRS and exclusive rewards.
  • Overhaul of Banking system with all the new OSRS banking features.

Hot Fixes Done After Update

1st Round

  • Improved player accuracy and player defence to make it more like previous Xeros, however OSRS stats on NPC still exists, you may have to switch combat styles more often then you are used to, instead of range everywhere.
  • Fixed Issues with Inferno.
  • Fixed not being able to burn fires.
  • Fixed issues with craws bows.
  • Lowered wildy event HP from 18k to 15k.

2nd Round

  • Improved Scythe combat formula.
  • Fixed Twisted Bow combat formula.
  • Gave a slight nerf to Zulrah to make it more like old Xeros, however switching combat styles will still be beneficial.
  • Lowered Wildy Event Boss Seren's defence.
  • NPCs in catacombs will now use the old stacking method, however in other areas of the game, npc stacking will work more like OSRS still.

3rd Round

  • Reset Daily Rewards for October.
  • Fixed Leaderboards not handing out rewards to users who name changed.
  • Added the New October Event Calendar.
  • Kitten Dialogue now shows correct cost of kitten.
  • Fixed Outlast Fog issues, including fog not activating for each player at same time, and visual fog not removed after death.
  • Assembler max cape and hood can now be stored in the UIM chest.
  • Loading preset will now stop skilling.
  • Implemented Ava's assembler / Accumulator buffs to blowpipe.
  • Skeletal mystics and undead druids now count as undead creatures for salve amulet.
  • Fixed bug with scythe.
  • Fixed crystal npcs not moving.
  • Added better blowpipe calculation for dart and scale consumption.

4th Round

  • The Scythe of Vitur will now roll the second and third hit off the maximum possible damage rather than the first hits damage.
  • The Volatile Nightmare staff special will no longer be activated when multi-casting targets.
  • The maiden of TOB will no longer move out of it's position.
  • Pures with 99 slayer will now be able to obtain boss Slayer tasks. 
  • The door before Verzik Vitur's chamber will now prompt a dialogue to "start fight" like the rooms before it.
  • Dragon Halberd and Crystal Halberd no longer cut their maximum damage in half.
  • Hunter traps will now display the message "You notice an animal moving closer to your trap and don't pick it up." to stop hunter traps from bugging out.
  • Improved some areas of the game that may have caused server performance issues.
  • Fixed an issue where the Revenant Weapons would be deleted depending how you used ether on them.
  • Fixed an issue with Flower Poker, where if one played DCed and the game that continued to process ended up in a tie, would null the current FP match.


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Fantastic updates!

One of my favorite implements were the small skilling icons next to 99 announcements, also when you right-click gamble someone there is now a flower symbol.

It's the small things that excite me! I can't wait to see more. ❤️

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