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Early Money Making for new players.

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Thieving: On average, 99 thieving will run you about an hour of your time.  In that hour of time, if you are not a donator; you can bring in about 8M an hour. If you are a donator and have access to any of the donator zones, you'll be able to average over 10M+ GP an hour.

Hunter: Hunter has always been a money maker in the history of OSRS so it's just about the same on Xeros.  Gray, Red and Black Chinchompa's are all extremely profitable early game whether selling to the general store or to individual players who would like to use them for range training.  Dragon Implings are also a very good go to because of the amount of bones they contribute to the economy.  People need prayer XP so you are destined to make money selling Dragon Bones.

Runecrafting: This is one of the easiest ways to make money if you can handle the mind numbing grind of clicking back and forth for hours at a time.  Rune Essence are sold in the General Store for chump change which then can be converted into any rune of your choosing.  Once you reach a high enough Runecrafting level you will start receiving double and triple the amount of runes per Rune Essence.  Runecrafting if doing it efficiently can easily bring in over 10M+ an hour if you stick to creating Nature Runes, Death Runes or Blood Runes.

Slayer: You had to have known this would be on the list because when doesn't Slayer bring home the bacon?  Obviously when training Slayer you know all about the random drops you can receive but it doesn't just come down to the rare items and high alchables, on Xeros there is much more than that.  Coin Pouches are one of the biggest incomes in all of Xeros because as you just casually grind your combat related stats, you'll also casually make tons of money.  Coin Pouches come in three different tiers which scale by an NPC's combat level.  The three tiers are; Small, Medium and Large.  Obviously the higher the tier, the more money is in each pouch.  Other bonuses of training Slayer is that as you progressively kill monsters, you also will earn PVM Points which allow you to buy certain items in the PVM Shop.  You can buy PVM Caskets, Crystal Keys and loads of other items to make cash from.  Also don't forget about Clue Scrolls which have a chance to give tons of cosmetic rewards and rare pieces of equipment that I'm sure people would love to buy from you.

Voting: Now this isn't going to be like, the best GP/HR or something but voting helps you and it also helps the status of the server.  You receive cash along with vote tickets which allow you to buy items from the Vote Shop.  After 10 days of voting you will also receive a Streak Key which will grant you a one time access to the Voting Chest for some pretty cool, rare items.  Casually voting daily will just add a few extra chances of GP to your bank.

Outlast: Outlast is a PVP tournament that most gamemodes can participate in, the only exception to that being UIM because they can not bank their items.  When entering Outlast you will be given max stats along with the equipment to fight.  As you keep taking down your enemies, your gear slots will become upgraded just making you a stronger, worthy threat.  The last man standing wins.  Congratulations, you just made a free 8M!

This guide will obviously be changed as time goes on and these are only some of the early money making methods in all of Xeros.  I will be making other guides that you can check out as well.  Hope this helps some new players along the way and looking forward to playing with all of you! ?

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