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Gilbert / Scar

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Hello Xeros

My real name is Guillermo, and the reason i picked the name Gilbert and scar are because 2 reasons:

1. My real name is to hard for people to speak out, so at my full time job they call me Gilbert of Gilly and so this became my name.
2. Scar: because i love the Scar-H and Scar-L, i also have a Scar-L Airsoft Replica in my closet.

But who am i?:

Well im 23 years old and i work at a software company as an IT System Admin, the means i need to take care of all infrastructure of my company, i also have extra jobs like Support and Facility, but thats just the extra's.

My current hobby's are Airsoft, Gaming, watching movies, drinking beer and just have fun. At this moment i still live with my parents untill i have enough money to buy my own house and i live in The Netherlands, so dont worry about my internet connections.

Thats it for now, if you want to know more, just let me know.

Best regards,

Gilbert / Scar


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