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Maintenance Explaination

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Hello Xeros players,

just a quick explaination on how Updates/Maintenance works on games. This might also explain any rollbacks and downtimes

So lets get started:


When a Server/Game needs to be updated their are 2 parts that needs to be updated and that is: Server and the Game (Xeros)
The game runs on a server which is a different operatin system than the game itself, which runs on a Java platform, this means you need to update these platforms apart from eachother.

But when you update the operatin system, the Java platform can break because of the changes the system makes, this is highly unlikely but it can happen, and this is when you push a rollback to go back to the time the game was working correctly, after the rollback you try it again but without everything and try to find the update that is causing the problem. Thats is also why the game comes backup in 5 minutes and can be rolledback in 15 minutes.

is their a solution to this? Kinda: You can test the server with all the updates, and go online and check if everything works fine, but the down time will be around 1-2 hours because the testing.

Still following me? Great,


But what happends if the Java platform needs to be updated?
This is different then the Operating System but also can be rolled back by functions inside the Operating system. When the Java platform needs to be updated this can break the game aswell, but on a different level. When the Java platform updates, their might be a chance that some line of codes may not be working anymore due to older codes or versions inside it and ofcourse this can be fixed but also this takes time and testing. Using wrong of unknown codes can also be fatal to the server and can do more harm then good. This is when most of the time a Rollback will be performed to go to the older version and try again with less updates and find the update that might find the problem.

(Server update can break Java platform itself)

(Java update can break codes inside the platform)


Game Updates:
This is based on Java Codes and inputs, this can also make some glitches and bugs. This can be corrected by rollback's if the new code makes more problems than solving it. So even if 1 bug needs to be fixed they developers need to use a different code on that bug, what happends is when they try to fix this, it can easily break a different code in the game that has nothing to do with the fix itself. And this is why dowmtime can be huge because everything needs to be tested.

Their is also a different story about API's This makes connections between different platforms (Facebook login to a different website like online shopping). Will this break the game? Most of the time it doenst but its possible. but dont worry about that part.


Q) Are problems easy to find?
A) Yes and no, everything has a log file, you can find your error of problem in this, but the log files are messy to read and sometimes unclear what the error means, so you have an indication whats causin the problem, but you still need to find it and fix it.


Well thats it for now 🙂
Correct me if im wrong.

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