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Gilbert Beginner Money Making Guide

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Hello Xeros,

For the people that is asking him/her self how to make money on this game?

here are some simple things you can do:


This is a pvp tournament every hour, you will compete against other players for the 2nd and 1st place.

1st place = 8m cash
2nd place = 3m cash

Back to the basic of Thieving, this will generate around 6-8m from level 1-99, great starter skill and cash for the starters.

TIP! Alchables 
Always bring High Alch with you, this because you can alch your rune/dragon drops. This can increase your cash stack highly from up to 1m - 5m on what your killing. Also this can keep at one spot for farming gear.

These drops good supplies and skill supplies, they also drop rune and dragon items to alch, if you get lucky you can get the following rares:
- Wildy keys
- PK Tickets
- Wildy Weapons (Craw's Bow, Thammeron's Scepter, Viggora's chainmace.
- Ancient Emblem (Dragon en Darkbeast only)


This might be one of the most important skill to do, because you can get good loot from the NPC's but also you gonna need the points for the Slayer shop, eventually you gonna need the slayers helmet for curtain NPC's to kill.
- Rare drops
- Good Alchable's
- Slayer points and equiment

Xeros specialties
In Xeros you can get Coin bags, Recourse drops randomly, always pick them up because the money you get from it will stack up. Also the Clue Scroll are amazing loot (Alchables and Rares to sell)

As you reach 1500 Total level (750 Rogue/osrs) you can start doing raids which is pretty nice money making if your lucky.
Check out my raids guide for more information



More suggestion will be added!




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